Anthony Bourdain To “Wow” NYC With Huge Food Market

FriendsEAT co-founder Antonio Evans notes Bourdain is a TV personality loved by anyone who isn’t an idiot and writes: “His asides and narration has painted a landscape of the world that has boldly created the new ‘food culture’.”

1x1.trans Anthony Bourdain To Wow NYC With Huge Food Market

We’re excited for Anthony Bourdain’s massive street market in New York. Are you?


Bourdain will soon quite literally be bringing his food culture outlook to New York City. He has signed a deal to open his first large-scale food market in Manhattan, which will reflect his devoted obsession for international street food.

The NYPost reports Bourdain has teamed up with New York entrepreneur Stephen Werther to create a World Market. And it will feature cuisines from around the world in stalls allowing young chefs a place to showcase their skills, introducing Americans to Singapore-style street food.

1x1.trans Anthony Bourdain To Wow NYC With Huge Food Market

Chefs Anthony Bourdain and Eric Ripert strolling at a street market.


“My likes are pretty well known,” said Bourdain. “Dai pai dong in Hong Kong, Boqueria in Spain, hawker centers in Singapore, street tostadas in Ensenada. To the extent that I can help bring those things home to New York, along with a truly interesting collection of home grown innovators, I will be very, very pleased.”

Bourdain, the chef, author and CNN personality who has traveled the world in search of exotic dishes, is unsure of the the opening date, but the NYPost speculates the location to be 3 World Trade Center or Hudson Yards.

1x1.trans Anthony Bourdain To Wow NYC With Huge Food Market

One of the possible locations for Anthony Bourdain’s massive street market in New York City – the Hudson Yard


Real estate broker Robert Futterman, who’s representing Bourdain and Werther, said of the location: “We are talking to every big developer in the city, and everybody wants them.”

If the project is successful, Bourdain and his team may expand nationwide.

Werther comments:

“We are ready to go with the concept, so we are going to be doing some very cool and unexpected pop-ups between now and the opening . . . showcasing different parts of what will be incorporated into the final big market. I am a huge foodie, so you can only imagine how much fun this project is to work on.”

From Bourdain:

“I am indeed working on this project—carefully assembling a dream list of chefs, operators, street food and hawker legends from around the world—in hopes of bringing them together in one New York City space. As the greatest city in the world, I’ve long felt that we should have the kind of delicious, diverse food centers that Singapore ( for instance) enjoys.”

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