America’s Next Great Restaurant: The Next Great Show

Americas Next Great Restaurant America’s Next Great Restaurant: The Next Great ShowWell, if we’re looking for a TV show that has a strong entertainment value, and yet is packed with the drama and poignancy that only a reality TV show can bring, then you should look no further. America’s Next Great Restaurant should be the one. Really, with the economy this lame and customers going to restaurants getting smaller, it’s no surprise that most are starting to fold up. And those who are about to start a restaurant? They’re starting to look for alternatives. Hopefully, this show will give these future restaurateurs the boost they need.

new shows nextgreatrestuarant America’s Next Great Restaurant: The Next Great ShowAmerica’s Next Great restaurant is an upcoming show that is produced by the NBC.In this show, several contestants will be presenting restaurant concepts to a panel of judges. The winner will then receive financial backing so that they can put their concept into a reality. The judges include celebrated chefs Curtis Stone and Bobby Flay, and restaurateurs such as Lorena Garcia and Steve Ells. The production company behind the show is Magical Elve. This is also the same company who produces that popular TV show Top Chef. The premiere of America’s Next Great Restaurant is scheduled on March 16, 2011.

bobby flay America’s Next Great Restaurant: The Next Great ShowThe four judges (Stone, Flay, Garcia, and Ells) will also serve as the investors of the winning concept. But that’s not all. They will also serve as mentors for the contestants. They will be working beside the contestants, helping them further refine their concept. They will also conduct tough cooking and business challenges to find out which idea will stick and in return become the next great restaurant that people are looking for.
Twenty-one competitors will present their restaurant concept to the judges. Eleven of them will be eliminated quickly, which will leave the top ten to battle each other over who has the best concept available. The investors will be the ones to decide which concept has the most potential. One by one, the contestants will be whittled down, with the remaining contestant to further improve the concept of their business.

nbc next great restaurant America’s Next Great Restaurant: The Next Great ShowThe last episode of the how will serve as the climax. It is there that we will see who will be able to see his or her dream come true. In the end, only one of them will be able to start his or her own chain of restaurant. It’s sure going to be a heady moment for many of them, and there’s no doubt that some of them will be left in tears. It’s definitely a show that we can’t miss. It’s got all the tension and drama that reality shows have, and the fact that we’ll get the chance to see the fruits of the contest for ourselves, once the restaurant concept becomes a reality.
nextgreatrestuarant America’s Next Great Restaurant: The Next Great ShowWhat do you think? Will this show rock or not? If you ask me, I’m actually keeping my opinion to myself. The contestants’ names aren’t out yet, and I’ve yet to see what the business concepts are. But if there’s one thing for sure, I’m going to watch this show. It’s something that deserves my attention.

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