Food Blog Digest – Holiday Countdown

1x1.trans Food Blog Digest   Holiday CountdownWe are twelve days away from Christmas, and we are getting busy scrambling for gifts, attending and organizing parties, looking for the best recipes, and making sure everything stays sane during the holiday rush.  Never fear.  Today’s featured blogs will make things a little easier with a gift idea, recipes, and inspiration.

1x1.trans Food Blog Digest   Holiday CountdownAl Dente Blog – A Gift Cooks will Love

The Al Dente Blog features Diane Morgan’s Gifts Cooks Love: Recipes for Giving.  The blog reviews the book which and shares that the tips and gifts are quite a breeze to make and even purchase.  Better yet, you don’t have to make gifts from the book as the book is a gift in itself.

1x1.trans Food Blog Digest   Holiday CountdownBaking Bites – Pumpkin Pound Cake

Baking Bites showcases the lovely pumpkin and it does not come in soup or pie form.  Check out the recipe for this pound cake with a vanilla cheese glaze.  Next time, you now know what to do on pumpkin season.

1x1.trans Food Blog Digest   Holiday CountdownSoup Chick – More Soups

It is getting cold, and we can’t get enough of soups.  Soup Chick features seven more soups that will warm any chilly day.

1x1.trans Food Blog Digest   Holiday CountdownRambling Spoon – Photography

If you suddenly feel tired cooking food, you can keep the love alive by taking photos of them.  The Rambling Spoon features a photography experience that takes place in food territory: the kitchen.  Read the post and be inspired.

1x1.trans Food Blog Digest   Holiday CountdownThe Perfect Pantry – Change in the Pantry

The Perfect Pantry recently posted the blog’s change in direction: cooking something with what you already have.  This post will make you think twice when it comes to culinary adventures, and next time around, instead of shopping for ingredients, crank up the creativity and cook with what’s been in your pantry.


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