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Monthly Archives: December 2012

New Deadly Superbug Found in UK Milk Supply

The antibiotic-resistant staph infection known as MRSA kills more Americans than AIDS, and is widespread in the U.S. pig herd. The bacterium that has become a serious health threat in the United States and Germany is referred to as community-acquired … Continue reading

Top 5 Food Crimes of 2012

After careful review, we assembled five of the most bizarre food related crimes of 2012. The nature of the crimes range from amusing embarrassment to macabre tales we thought only Stephen King could summons from his wickedly lively imagination. 5) … Continue reading

Foodie Freebies 2013

Everyone loves freebies. If you want some freebies this January, check out these great offers from foodie companies: Art of Tea: This one is pretty cool. They are giving away a PDF of their Tea Ritual Guide. Great info if you … Continue reading

Pizza Hut Launches Its Own Perfume: “Eau de Pizza Hut”

As part of a Facebook marketing ploy by Pizza Hut, the company decided to launch its own perfume. “The limited edition perfume was designed to commemorate Pizza Hut Canada reaching 100,000 Facebook fans. Only 110 bottles were produced and shared … Continue reading

Research Reveals Surprising Busiest Day For Restaurants

Eli Chait, founder and CEO of Copilot Labs, a San Francisco-based company that analyzes restaurant POS data to provide operators advice on effective marketing promotions, points out that every restaurant goes through weekly and seasonal cycles. Chait says most operators … Continue reading

Tactful (and Effective) Strategies For Getting a Reservation

The Duke and Duchess of Windsor were refused a table by Fernand Point at La Pyramide, then the most highly regarded restaurant in postwar France. Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt were recently turned away at the two-Michelin star Ledbury in … Continue reading

FDA Authorizes Next Step in Approving GM Salmon

The Food and Drug Administration released its Environmental Assessment (EA) report for genetically modified (GM) salmon developed by AquaBounty Technologies. This is one of the last steps for the first transgenic animal to be considered for federal approval, with an … Continue reading

10 Largest Disappearing U.S. Restaurant Chains

According to a recent report in 24/7 Wall St., in the past 10 years, some of America’s biggest food chains have lost more than 50% of their sales and have closed hundreds of locations nationwide. 24/7 characterizes these restaurants, such … Continue reading

Pays d’Oc: A Bargain in a Bottle

I was recently invited to a tasting of Pays d’Oc wines hosted by Snooth Media’s Editor in Chief Gregory Dal Piaz and Master Sommelier Fred Dexheimer. For those of you who are not familiar with the Pays d’Oc region of wine, … Continue reading

Bringing Down Monsanto: Reform Plant Patent Act

In a recent Slate article, Frederick Kaufman, author of “Bet the Farm: How Food Stopped Being Food,” questions the efficacy of current strategies employed in opposing biotech companies like Monsanto. Kaufman suggests initiatives such as California’s Proposition 37, which would … Continue reading

FDA Supressing Data on Farm Antibiotic Use

Maryn McKenna, journalist and the author of SUPERBUG and BEATING BACK THE DEVIL, reports on the deliberate actions by the FDA to suppress critical information on farm antibiotic use. The FDA refuses to compel companies to disclose data that would … Continue reading

FriendsEat 2012 Best Food Blogger Winners

We’ve tallied up the results of each category to find out who you, the FriendsEAT community, feel are the best food bloggers in the world. Thank you for voting and for showing all those bloggers just how much you care. … Continue reading

United States of Mmmerica: Barbecue Facts (Infographic)

Barbecue is one of the traditional specialties of American cuisine, and there are several different styles of barbecue across the country. There’s a region of the US country that is known as the barbecue belt stretches across the southern United … Continue reading

Foods That May Trigger Headaches and Why

An estimated 10% to 15% of the population suffers from repeated migraines, mostly women, while as many as 40% of people regularly get common headaches. The Wall Street Journal’s Sumathi Reddy points out that headaches can be triggered by a … Continue reading

New Years Eve Restaurant Specials NYC 2012 – Part 3

Wow…you really procrastinate. Nah, you just do your research before making any significant choices, like where to end 2012. If the restaurants on our first and second list didn’t make the cut, then, perhaps these will. Aliseo: 665 Vanderbilt Ave – … Continue reading

Christmas Crackers (Infographic)

Just in time for Christmas, Barker and Stonehouse has put together the following infographic which includes some weird and wonderful facts about Christmas dinners’ throughout the ages. Source: Barker & Stonehouse

Best Wine Gifts for Foodies 2012

Soiree Wine Decanter & Aerator This is an amazing on-the-bottle wine aerator/decanter. No, it’s not a useless unitasker. I use mine daily (yeah…daily…I’d like to keep the wine industry alive). I tested this, and other aerators. This one had the … Continue reading

85 Medications Affected by Eating Grapefruit – Half Can Be Fatal

According to a report in the Southern Medical Journal, grapefruit juice is a well-documented inhibitor of a specific enzyme (CYP3A4 isoenzyme) involved in the metabolism of over 50% of commonly prescribed drugs. Americans consume grapefruit juice in large quantities, with … Continue reading

The Best of Celebrity Wedding Cakes (Infographic)

The wedding cake has become an important part of the wedding tradition, symbolising a new beginning of love and compassion. It’s therefore obvious why some celebrities like to make it an important centerpiece by going beyond the standard three-tier wedding … Continue reading

Best Gifts Under $50 for Foodies 2012

Vic Firth Pump & Grind Salt and Pepper Grinders These are the sexiest salt and pepper grinders I’ve seen. They currently sit atop my dining room table and get usage every day. The pump is easy to operate for perfectly … Continue reading

Great Price For K-Cups From a Great Company

I own a Keurig Mini-Plus Personal Coffee Maker which uses a patented disposable K-Cup insert that contains the precise quantity for a single cup of brewed coffee. You simply fill the Keurig Coffee Maker’s water reservoir with fresh water for … Continue reading

NY Restaurant Christmas Specials 2012 – Part Three

You’ve been procrastinating. I know…you’ve got to get all that holiday shopping done. But isn’t that what Amazon is for? If you still have not made reservations from our first or second list of restaurants offering great deals for Christmas … Continue reading

Pay Gap Grows at McDonalds: $8/hr Worker vs. $8 Million CEO

Tyree Johnson is employed at not one but two Chicago area McDonald’s. Johnson scrubs himself with a bar of soap in a McDonald’s bathroom and puts on deodorant because hygiene and appearance are part of his annual compensation reviews. Bloomberg’s … Continue reading

Paleo Diet In A Nutshell (Infographic)

For those of you who keep asking yourself, “is there a diet that is right for me?” There are hundreds of diets to pick and choose from. One popular diet is Paleo. Below is Paleo in a nutshell. The paleo … Continue reading

Best Gifts Under $25 for Foodies 2012

Pylones Grater We have one in the office. It is incredibly cute and works wonders. Everone who comes into our kitchen always notices and remarks on it. This is one of our favorite gadgets in the kitchen. Oyster Knife Oysters … Continue reading

NY Restaurants Offering Feast of the Seven Fishes in 2012

Living in an Italian-American neighborhood introduced me to many delightful culinary experiences. Nutella, homemade garage Zinfandel, and the Feast of the Seven Fishes. I always thought this was an Italian tradition, but it really isn’t (sort of). Yes, it is … Continue reading

Deaths From Obesity Triples Those From Malnutrition

The Telegraph’s Medical Correspondent, Stephen Adams, cites a landmark study that indicates obesity is now killing triple the number of people who die from malnutrition, claiming more than three million lives a year worldwide. The Global Burden of Disease study, … Continue reading

Vitamins Cheat Sheet: What They Do and Good Food Sources (Infographic)

When it comes down to healthy eating and balanced diets, we need to make sure we get our fair share of vitamins. But what do they actually do? What are the benefits and what food sources are they available in? … Continue reading

Masaharu Morimoto to Judge Miss Universe

In a very “alternate world” kind of way, an Iron Chef will be judging Miss Universe. Yup, Iron Chef Masaharu Morimoto will be judging the next Miss Universe pageant. Funny. I thought I knew a lot about Mr. Morimoto…but I … Continue reading

3 Miraculous Benefits of a Juicer: Jack Lalanne vs Hamilton Beach

While the number one juice extractor selling on Amazon is the Breville (model number BJE200XL) Compact Juice Fountain 700-Watt Juice Extractor, with a list price of $74.96, my sister recently purchased Jack LaLanne’s Power Juicer Express for around $99. My … Continue reading

Best Gifts Books for Foodies 2012

(Click “Next” to see the list)

Butter is Good for You? (Infographic)

It’s no secret that grass-fed butter is one of the most Bulletproof foods you can eat. It’s high in vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, and healthy fats. It makes anything taste good, and it turns coffee into a delicious milkshake. Butter is … Continue reading

Food & Wine’s Picks For 2013 Restaurant Trends

Food & Wine’s restaurant editor, Kate Krader, has compiled some interesting views on what she believes are restaurant trends for 2013. We cherry picked a few we thought were promising predictions and included them below: (Click “Next” to see Food … Continue reading

Party Like There’s no To-Maya: NY End of the World Parties

I love the end of the world. It seems to come around every couple of years and gives me one more reason to celebrate.There was Y2K (not really “end of the world”, but it sure seemed like it), then there’s … Continue reading

The Restaurateur on WNET

If you have not seen The Restaurateur, you are missing out on one of the best food/NYC movies out there. Lucky for you it will be showing this month on WNET. Director Roger Sherman (Emmy and Peabody award winner with … Continue reading

The Case for Beer: Why You Should Enjoy it and Enjoy it Right (Infographic)

Beer – one of the oldest beverages humans have produced – records as far back to 2050 B.C. show evidence of the beer trade and brew recipes. And while beer doesn’t often get much credit for being a beneficial beverage, the evidence is … Continue reading

New Years Eve Restaurant Specials NYC 2012 – Part 2

If you still can’t decide where to ring in the New Year, maybe we can help you make up your mind. 508 Gastrobrewery:  508 Greenwich St – Hudson Square – New Year’s Dinner will be served from 7pm-2am and include 3-courses … Continue reading

Portions of Favorite Holiday Foods (Infographic)

Holiday’s are coming up and I know everybody is worrying that clothes might not fit-in anymore after a month of eating. Worry not because our infographic today will help you. The average holiday meal clocks in at over 3,000 calories—more than a … Continue reading

How Restaurants Impel You to Eat More & Leave Sooner

Across New York City, in restaurants and bars, loud noise has become a way of life. The New York Times measured noise levels at 37 restaurants, bars, stores and gyms across the city and found levels that experts said bordered … Continue reading

World’s Most Powerful Wine Critic Sells Newsletter to Asian Investors

Robert M. Parker Jr., a leading U.S. wine critic with an international influence, is selling a “substantial interest” of his newsletter, the Wine Advocate, to Singapore-based investors who will take over its day-to-day financial operations. Additionally, Parker’s newsletter will start … Continue reading