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Monthly Archives: October 2012

What You’re Saying with Your Drink Choice (Infographic)

Today’s infograhic will be a bit different from the rest. Less words, more graphic which Infographic should be. It tries to illustrate what you really mean (according to them) when drinking your beverages. So what do you normally order? Source: … Continue reading

Alton Brown Discusses The Next Iron Chef’s New Season

The multi-talented Alton Brown, who received a degree in drama from the University of Georgia, has worked as a cinematographer, video director, and steadicam operator. Brown has also authored five books and hosts Iron Chef America, as well as the … Continue reading

Why Apples Are Better Than Oranges (Infographic)

Today’s infographic will be an epic battle between apple and oranges. Surely you’re asking what’s the difference between the two, obviously both fruits are delicious and healthy. But wait till you read this infographic and find out what makes apple … Continue reading

Can a Bacon Sandwich Cure a Hangover? Scientists Say Yes

Of the thousand and one alleged cures for a hangover, who would have guessed that after a night of hardcore drinking, all that stood in the way of healing an aching, throbbing body drenched in sweat, and a paralytic brain, … Continue reading

Hurricane Sandy in NYC

So I’m sitting at my desk, just finished a proposal and I am hearing the wind whistle at my windows. Twenty third floor in a building that’s mostly windows does not feel like the safest place to be when the … Continue reading

Sofia Wine Bar – A Perfect Date Spot

This place made me wish I was single. Nah, not really. But Sofia has this incredibly intimate vibe that immediately made me think of the excitement of first dates; the first time your eyes lock in a passionate stare, the … Continue reading

A Toast To Champagne (Infographic)

I don’t have to say this but everybody does love Champagne, right? It’s bubbly and yes is it one of the most delicious wines ever made! But did you know that Champagne has so much history behind it? Stories in … Continue reading

Peyton Manning to Own 21 Papa John’s Restaurants

Anyone making or delivering pizzas in Denver may soon be working for Denver Broncos quarterback Peyton Manning. Papa John’s recently signed Manning as its newest franchisee, who in partnership with Papa John’s, will own 21 restaurants in the Denver area. … Continue reading

Eighteen-Year-Old Almost Killed by Liquid Nitrogen Cocktail

Surgeons were forced to remove the stomach of a UK teenager celebrating her eighteenth birthday, after she drank two liquid nitrogen cocktails. Gaby Scanlon had been out with three friends in Lancaster city center and downed both “Nitro Jagermeister” cocktails … Continue reading

What Everybody Ought to Know About Kitchen Knives (Infographic)

Holidays are coming up, roasting and grilling would spiced up the air sooner. When paring fruit, carving ribs, and butchering meats knives become an essential tool. Having a go-to set of tools is important for any home chef, and can … Continue reading

London Car Thief Steals Gordon Ramsay’s $134,000 Audi

According to The Sun, Gordon Ramsay’s Audi A8L was on loan to him from Audi when it got snatched in London. Audi has apparently been loaning Ramsay cars for years, and Ramsay was forced to call the firm to report … Continue reading

Binge on Chocolate, Win The Nobel Prize

According to findings released in the New England Journal of Medicine, the higher a country’s chocolate consumption, the more Nobel laureates it produces per capita. According to Reuters, the Swiss lead, followed by the Swedes and the Danes, with the … Continue reading

Swelling Servings: The Growth of American Food Portions (Infographic)

The serving portion expands directly proportionate to the expansion of American’s waistline. It’s almost as if there’s a conspiracy to make us fatter. Over time, the size of the portions we consume have gotten larger, and the least healthy foods … Continue reading

NYC Halloween 2012

Just a little follow-up on my first piece on Halloween events in NYC this year. If you haven’t figured out where to go, you may want to check out one of these food themed Halloween – Dia de los Muertos … Continue reading

Gordon Ramsay Tops Forbes Highest Earning Chefs List

In the U.S., Gordon Ramsay is best known as the contentious host of Hell’s Kitchen and Master Chef. Ramsay once machine gunned the f-word 115 times in the first 40 minutes of an episode of Kitchen Nightmares, and called Current … Continue reading

Tisha Unarmed and Tosh.0

Every once in a while, we come across someone who is truly inspiring. I never thought I would come across someone like this on Tosh.O. Tosh recently featured Tisha Unarmed. For those of you who are not familiar with Tisha, … Continue reading

Bourdain & Ripert Join Chocolatier for “Good & Evil” Chocolate Bar

Grub Street’s Collin Keefe reports that a sneak peek party is planned involving “Good & Evil” chocolate bars at New York’s Ardesia Wine Bar. The sneak peek party will precede next month’s Salon Du Chocolat, where the “Good & Evil” … Continue reading

Curried Lentils Recipe

Click the image for the even bigger full-size version (and check out the ingredients and more detailed steps below: Embed this image on your site! Via: Restaurant Coupons Love this infographic? Spread the Love!   2 cups dried red lentils … Continue reading

Why You Should Use Apple Cider Vinegar (Infographic)

As the name suggest, Apple cider vinegar is a type of vinegar made from apples. It doesn’t smell good infact it smells like a salad dressing and taste like something I don’t like. So as the apples begin to ferment, … Continue reading

Pomegranate Juice Inhibits Growth of Breast Cancer

Good nutrition plays a central role in sustaining good health and preventing disease. That means eating organic foods free of GMO’s and pesticides and rich in vitamins and minerals. Research mounts daily in support of links between natural foods and … Continue reading

How to Make Coffee Like A Barista (Infographic)

Are you a Fivebucks…errr..I mean Starbucks addict? Did you know that daily coffee costs you $150 per month (and $1,800 USD per year)? Wouldn’t you rather visit the beaches of Croatia, or eat Italian food while looking at the Duomo? … Continue reading

Monster Mealtime: Eating Challenges (Infographic)

Extreme eating has hit the mainstream. Hit TV shows like Man v. Food have popularized eating massive meals, often with time limits, for the challenge, the glory, and oftentimes free food. These burgers, sandwiches, burritos, and other behemoths are loaded … Continue reading

Smoked Water Bewitches Trendy Chefs, Bartenders

When Chef Heston Blumenthal, one of the world’s leading pioneers in molecular gastronomy, quotes the 18th-century French gastronomer, Brillat-Savarin, by saying “The discovery of a new dish does more for human happiness than the discovery of a new star” — … Continue reading

Hell’s Kitchen Winners – Then and Now

Hell’s Kitchen, the reality cooking competition broadcast on Fox, hosted by British celebrity chef Gordon Ramsay, unveiled both the tenth season of Hell’s Kitchen and a third season of Ramsay’s MasterChef in June of this year. The show features Chef Gordon Ramsay’s … Continue reading

Best Restaurants to Eat Near Lincoln Center (At Every Price Point)

The Upper West Side used to be a restaurant wasteland. It seems the influence of Lincoln Center AND the pioneering efforts by Daniel Boulud are changing that in an incredibly quick pace. It used to be that you could only … Continue reading

Trick Or Treat: The Ultimate Halloween Candy (Infographic)

Halloween is the top holiday for candy consumption in the United States. It murders Christmas, Easter and Valentine’s Day. This year, Americans will hand out a monstrous $2.3 Billion dollars worth of sweets to a potential 41 million trick or … Continue reading

“Food Fingerprints” Used to Combat Global Food Fraud

The increase in global trade has elevated the potential for food fraud, food safety, health fears, and raises concerns over quality control, damage to a company’s reputation and subsequent lost revenue. We live in a world where food is exported … Continue reading

Shocked Diners Watch As Couple Have Sex on Restaurant Table

A couple was caught having sex at a popular restaurant in Orlando, Florida, in view of adults and children, according to a police report. The hedonistic incident took place at the Irish themed Paddy Murphy’s in Baldwin Park, and involved … Continue reading

Super Easy Steamed Mussels Recipe

I was very intimidated by seafood (especially shellfish) for quite a long time. Thankfully, a friend showed me how easy it is to prepare mussels and my fear is long gone. I made these the other day just with whatever … Continue reading

American Table Brings Samuelsson to the Upper West Side

I’ve been a fan of Marcus Samuelsson for years.  Ever since I attended New York Restaurant Week (this was probably 9 years ago) and I tasted his amazing dishes at Aquavit. Imagine my excitement when I heard he was opening … Continue reading

Chef Alain Ducasse to Close New York Restaurant Adour

French-born chef Alain Ducasse, the first chef to get three-Michelin stars at three of his restaurants in different locations, plans to close Adour, his five-year-old restaurant located at the St. Regis New York. The final dinners at the struggling restaurant … Continue reading

Review Marenco Scrapona Moscato D’Asti

I recently received samples of various wines from Marenco winery. I started off with their Moscato D’Asti. While I don’t normally drink sweeter wines, I love them when they are well made. Luckily for me, Marenco’s Scrapona Moscato was delightful. … Continue reading

Poisonous Gas Cloud at Kraft Foods Causes Massive Evacuation

A chemical accident at a Germany factory run by US food giant Kraft caused a cloud of poisonous gas resulting in the evacuation of approximately 1,400 to 1,800 people. The accident happened on Monday in the town of Bad Fallingbostel, … Continue reading

How to Celebrate a Grown Up Halloween in NYC

After Festivus, Halloween is my favorite holiday. However, I find that I no longer want to go out to a packed club and wait in line for drinks. I’d like to think I’ve gotten a little more sophisticated in my … Continue reading

Elite Eatery Refuses Tom Cruise Order To Throw Out ALL Guests

Several news sources report that Tom Cruise attempted to kick everyone out of a hotel restaurant so that he could dine alone without being bothered by admirers. The actor, 50, made the demand when he tried to book an executive … Continue reading

Exhaust Burger: For the Survivalist Who Has Everything

Laughing Squid recently reported on an odd invention called the Exhaust Burger, a unique concept for mobile barbecuing designed by a team of Iranian industrial designers. The metal device attaches to an automotive tailpipe and uses its exhaust to heat … Continue reading

Review of Sriracha Popcorn

The most loved foods (at least according to the interwebs) are bacon, Nutella, and Sriracha. As we all know, there are plenty of flavor combos for bacon: bacon ice cream, chocolate covered bacon, Bacon vodka. It seems that companies have … Continue reading

The Decline Of Pubs in the UK (Infographic)

For Britons, Pubs is one of the places in UK that gathers them all. It have been the heart of the communities, brought people together to celebrate the ups and down of their everyday life. According to our Infographic today, … Continue reading

Fifty Shades of Chicken: A Cookbook Parody

In an attempt to capitalize on the explosive popularity of the erotic novel Fifty Shades of Grey, an author who writes under the pen name F.L. Fowler, was inspired to write Fifty Shades of Chicken: A Parody in a Cookbook. … Continue reading

Global Moment for Micro-Restaurants

Tom Downey explores what he calls the global moment for the micro-restaurant: a new approach to fine dining that feels both exclusive and conversational. The price is high and the seats are hard to come by, says Downey, but you’re … Continue reading