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Monthly Archives: August 2012

How Healthy We Think We Eat (Infographic)

Did you know that we tend to think that the food in front of us is healthier than it really is? Know how unhealthier than you think the food you’re eating is with this infographic? The funny thing is the … Continue reading

Thermador Sued by Julia Child’s Family

Julia Child’s family is embroiled in a lawsuit with Thermador, a company founded in 1916 that produces a line of cooking, cleaning, refrigeration and ventilation products. According to the Los Angeles Times, the central focus of cross-filed law suits is … Continue reading

Chef’s Summer Recipes: Ethan Kostbar’s Bourbon Chicken Wings

Chef Ethan Kostbar is known for preparing American cuisine with a worldly touch. At Moderne Barn, he takes what he learned during his childhood in Israel, and during his travels through the Middle East and Europe to create meals that … Continue reading

Nursing Your Sweet Tooth (Infographic)

We know the fact that we’re eating way too much sugar in our daily consumption. Sugar has its sneaky way of appearing in every food we know. Take sodas for example, who would have thought that a can would contain … Continue reading

Is Your Digital Soul Worth The Price of a Donut?

Dunkin’ Donuts’ recently released a new mobile payment app that allows you to set up an account and pay by scanning an on-screen barcode at the checkout counter. You can add money to your account by providing the app your … Continue reading

Policies, Percentages and Profits in Restaurant Mark-Ups

Britain’s Bee Wilson who writes “The Kitchen Thinker” food column for The Telegraph’s Stella magazine, recently discussed the policies, percentages and profits involved in restaurant mark-ups. She notes that it’s not unusual for a bottle of wine served in a … Continue reading

Kitchen Cheat Sheet (Infographic)

  I think everyone (not just the foodies!) would really love this infographic we have today from Everest. Kitchen Cheat Sheet reveals exciting facts and how-to’s that are really helpful, from useful kitchen conversions, to different meat cuts, how to … Continue reading

NYPD Raids Wrong Bar, Dumps Out Liquor, Then Brags About It

The City of New York has added one more fascist notch on their authoritarian belt. When New York City’s Mayor isn’t dictating how much salt New Yorkers should eat or attempting to outlaw large soft drinks, New York City cops … Continue reading

Chef’s Summer Recipes: John Toulze’s Padron Peppers

I love Sonoma, not only because of its wines, but also because of the amazing food found in the area. Sondra Bernstein’s restaurants, The Girl and The Fig, and The Fig Cafe, are exemplary of what Sonoma has to offer. … Continue reading

Commodities Trader: Soaring Food Prices “Good for Business”

The United Nations, food aid agencies and the British Government accused the world’s largest commodities trading company, Glencore International, headquartered in Baar, Switzerland, of characterizing soaring world food prices as “good” business. The rise in global food prices are partly … Continue reading

Superfood Berries (Infographic)

Our infographic today features four amazing berries: Acai, Blueberry, Cranberry and Goji. This berries are said to help fight free radicals. Maybe that’s why they are called superfoods. Read on and find out why these little fellows can help you … Continue reading

Assistant DA Files FOIA for White House Beer Recipe

President Obama made culinary history with homebrewed White House Honey Ale. The ale was made with a pound of honey from the White House Beehive, and served to guests at a 2011 Super Bowl party. According to White House Curator … Continue reading

Celebrity Guide to Wine

Ran across this gem this morning. Funny as hell (and has some valuable information). By the way, I’m cool with you doing whatever you want with wine…as long as you don’t drink Yellow Tail. Remember “Friends don’t let friends drink … Continue reading

LA Restaurant Offers Discount on Cell-Phone Free Dining

Owner Mark Gold of Eva Restaurant, located on Beverly Boulevard in Los Angeles is offering customers willing to leave their phones at the door a 5-percent discount on their bill. “For us, it’s really not about people disrupting other guests. … Continue reading

Marvelous Mealtime Moments (Infographic)

It’s amazing how food and cooking evolves: from the invention of using fire to cook to the invention of pot, from the first use of fork to the creation of first diner. No need to say but humans are quite … Continue reading

Beverly Hills Brownie Company: A Touch of Decadence Delivered to Your Home

When Beverly Hills Brownie Company owner, Bobbie Greenfield, says her brownies are unlike any others, Bobbie is right. I can assure you, low-down sin never tasted so good. Greenfield’s brownies are an unrivaled class act. Her brownies are baked fresh … Continue reading

Chef’s Summer Recipes: Alan Ashkinaze’s Mackerel Escabèche

When Millesime first opened in New York City, I was hyped. I could not wait to go. Once I went I was hooked. At Millesime, Chef Alan Ashkinaze prepares the most elegant, yet comfortable French seafood. I highly suggest the … Continue reading

Wine Quote of the Week

Gwendolyn Osborn on How to Serve Wine at Your Summer BBQ

This is a guest post from Gwendolyn Osborn, the Director of Education and Content and resident wine expert for Wine.com. She is enthusiastic, and fun…and she looks to help others become enthusiastic about wine while having fun. Gwendolyn comes with … Continue reading

Restaurant Industry: The Future Is Sizzling (Infographic)

It seems that restaurant business is becoming a trend. Why not? Since numbers of people that prefer dinning out instead of home cooking grows rapidly. Family get together would be pictured having a fancy dinning rather than mom cooking at … Continue reading

Total Media Blackout on BP Devastation to Gulf Seafood

The media’s total blackout of the devastation the BP Deepwater Horizon oil rig explosion has had on Gulf Seafood, where eyeless shrimp and fish with lesions are becoming common, is a testament to media bias, corruption, and cowardice in the … Continue reading

Chef’s Summer Recipes: Xavier Quispilema’s Lamb Chops with Fresh Figs

Mr. Lello Arpaia is the brains and heart behind Fiorini Italian restaurant in New York’s Upper East Side. His executive Chef, Xavier Quispilema, has been with him for over 20 years. This combination has resulted in multiple successful restaurants and … Continue reading

Breakfast is the Most Important Meal (Infographic)

I had to agree with this but actually during old times I don’t take it seriously. I remember during grade school years how my mom argue with me so I take my breakfast before going to school, that goes on … Continue reading

Dunkin’ Sued For Racial Discrimination By Ex-Franchise Owners

A lawsuit recently filed in New Jersey state court by a group of former franchisees claims Dunkin’ doughnut chain discriminates against minority owners, especially African-Americans, by encouraging then to buy retail franchise owned stores in poor, less profitable areas. According … Continue reading

Boston Market to Remove Salt Shakers at ALL 476 Locations

Boston Market, best-known for its chicken rotisseries and side dishes, announced plans to remove salt shakers from guest tables at all 476 locations. Signs at tables will explain that shakers are still available at beverage stations. The chain also plans … Continue reading

The Rise and Fall of Daily Deal Sites

Lea Pische and Edwin Hermawan have started a successful new business that deals with deal fatigue — a sickness that has infected consumers and small businesses that offer daily deals. Three months after its introduction, their new business, UnsubscribeDeals.com, has … Continue reading

Salmonella Tainted Cantaloupe Kills Two, Sickens 141

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) reported last Friday, August 17, that two people have died and 141 have become ill in 20 states from salmonella linked to cantaloupe grown in Indiana. Both deaths were in Kentucky and … Continue reading

Review: Ronco Showtime Rotisserie – Big Thumbs Up

Ron Popeil is the infomercial king and inventor of the Chop-O-Matic hand food processor, the Dial-O-Matic, successor to the Veg-O-Matic, and Popeil Pocket Fisherman. Popeil was voted by Self Magazine readers as one of the 25 people who have changed … Continue reading

Chef’s Summer Recipes: Alex Tishman’s Klamath River Wild Salmon with Summer Vegetable Ratatouille

Alex Tishman strives to bring healthy, delicious dishes into people’s homes. Chef Tishman graduated from the California Culinary Academy and did his time in some very prestigious restaurants including: One Market, Zuppa, Acquerello, and Yoshi’s. In 2011, he decided to … Continue reading

Well Played Ninjas

Tavern on Green to Reopen

New York City officials claim New York’s Tavern on the Green, the popular Central Park restaurant that closed in 2009, will reopen next year as a casual eatery operated by the Emerald Green Group of Philadelphia. Parks Commissioner Adrian Benepe … Continue reading

The Anatomy of a Genetically Modified Turkey (Infographic)

Thanksgiving’s coming! It might be a little too early for that, I suppose. But, it’s never too early for a quickie infographic. When it comes to Thanksgiving, well, maybe not just Thanksgiving, the first thing that comes in mind is … Continue reading

Favorite Blogger of the Week: David Santori of Frenchie and the Yankee

We love to highlight some of the most interesting and active members of our community on Facebook, Twitter and Google Plus to help foodies get to know each other. This week’s FriendsEAT’s Favorite is David Santori, the blogger behind Frenchie … Continue reading

Clogged Artery Study Compares Eating Egg Yolks to Smoking

According to a new study published in the peer-reviewed medical journal: Atherosclerosis, a diet rich in whole eggs is nearly as artery clogging as smoking. The research premise is based on a Canadian study which used ultrasound to view the … Continue reading

Chef’s Summer Recipes: Jason Tilmann’s Mission Fig and Watermelon Salad

Chef Jason Tilmann has had a prolific culinary career. He studied with celebrity chefs such as Iron Chef Morimoto, Ming Si, and David Burke.  In New York, he has graced the kitchens of Union Square Cafe, Daniel, and Le Cirque. He has … Continue reading

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