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Monthly Archives: April 2012

Beef 101: A Guide to What 25% of Americans Eat Everyday (Infographic)

This Infographic will not only guide you on the different types of beef cuts you can buy at the grocery store; but also on how you can have them at a cheaper cost. It also contains information about the health … Continue reading

Favorite Blogger of the Week: Lindsay Feinberg of The Lunchbelle

Each week, we will be highlighting some of the most interesting and active members of our community on Facebook, Twitter and Google Plus to help foodies get to know their fellow foodies. This week’s FriendsEAT’s Favorite is Lindsay Feinberg,  the amazing food blogger behind The Lunchbelle. Get to know … Continue reading

Why Your Spicy Tuna is Being Replaced with “Ex-Lax” Fish

A recent study released by the conservation group Oceana, an international organization working to protect the world’s oceans, found scandalous evidence of seafood fraud in Los Angeles and Orange County, California. According to the report, DNA testing of the 119 … Continue reading

SushiLeaks: Become a Sushi Spy

Oceana, the organization that conducted DNA testing and uncovered the fish mislabeling scandal in California, is looking for volunteer sushi detectives to collect DNA samples, according to the website TakePart. “There’s a huge effort to get people to use their … Continue reading

Still Haven’t Reserved for Mother’s Day?

Last week I gave plenty of great deals for Mother’s Day: a free bottle of prosecco at Millesime, a $35 prix fixe at Jeanne and Gaston. If you still have not made your Mother’s day resos, there’s still time. These … Continue reading

A Tale of Two Meals (Infographic)

I love breakfast more than anything. I usually go for either a plate of bacon & eggs, or a bagel slathered in “low-fat” cream cheese. Both are tempting decisions, but which one will make me fatter?

Cooking Tips of the Week

Here are some cooking tips of this week. Enjoy! Cooking Tip #1: Add a small amount of lemon juice to the artichoke cooking water to retain the color of the artichoke. Cooking Tip #2: Sauté garlic first before adding to a … Continue reading

Cocoa Displaces Cocaine as Peru’s Luxury Crop

In the U.S. effort on the war against drugs, the U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID), introduced a high-yielding but acidic CCN-51 cocoa hybrid to Peruvian farmers in 2002 as an alternative to planting coca, the key ingredient in cocaine. … Continue reading

Openings, Closings, and New York Restaurant News

Bistro The Tea Set: They just received their liquor license. This means a new watering hole for thirsty people in the West Village. I’m looking forward to their Earl Grey Champagne Cocktail (those are two of my favorite things). Cocktails … Continue reading

Beer Saved the World (Infographic)

I prefer sweet drinks. The kind of taste nothing like beer. I don’t hate beer, but I just don’t like the bitter aspect of it. The rest of the world disagrees with me. Beer is and has been beloved, not just … Continue reading

The BLT Turkey Club at the Standard Grill: Today, Tomorrow, and Forever

It was Greek Easter Sunday and I was ready to have some Lamb. I figured it was a great time to try out Loi. When I got there, I found out that all they had for the day was an … Continue reading

Lenny Kravitz May Not Cook For You, But You Can Eat His…

Sushi…why do you have such a dirty mind? I recently wrote about the sushi box that was designed by Lenny Kravitz for Sushi Shop’s Madison Avenue location. When I arrived I could see exactly why the location was chosen. Sushi … Continue reading

Burger King’s “Cage-Free” Chickens

Burger King has announced that in five years, all of its eggs and pork will come from cage-free chickens and pigs. Although Burger King would like for consumers to believe the fast-food chain is appealing to rising consumer demand for … Continue reading

CaffeMallows: Sleep Deprivation Via Marshmallow

It seems there are a billion ways to caffeinate right now. You’ve got your cup of Joe, 4 Hour Energy (which tastes awful), inhalers and my all time favorite; Fast Lane Tea. The newest way to caffeination? CaffeMallows. I’m sure … Continue reading

Aspirin: Great for a Hangover & Keeps You Skinny Too!

According to a new study, aspirin activates an enzyme that burns fat, a finding that could unlock its cancer fighting properties. ABC’s Carolyn Herbert claims previous research has shown that once ingested, aspirin breaks down into salicylate, a compound derived … Continue reading

Why YOUR Child’s Homemade School Lunch May Be Confiscated

At the beginning of 2012, in yet another illustration of central planning lunacy, a child care provider at West Hoke Elementary School in North Carolina, confiscated a four-year-old’s homemade lunch because the school told her the lunch her mother packed … Continue reading

Cinco De Mayo, Not Just the #4 Drunkest Holiday

Most of us know Cinco de Mayo as the day to hit up Mexican restaurants and enjoy Margaritas. Perhaps that is why Time named it the #4 drunkest holiday. Most people also assume that it is Mexican Independence day. It’s … Continue reading

What 7.68 Million Food Ratings Tell Us About Our Eating Habits (Infographic)

This infographic will show you some findings on people’s eating habits: when people eat, where people eat, what they eat, and who they eat with. Let’s see more of how information from7.68 million people in 50 countries tell us about … Continue reading

Effects of BP Oil Spill: Mutant Shrimp and Health Hazards

April 20th marked the second anniversary of the 2010 BP Deepwater Horizon oil rig explosion, where roughly five million barrels of oil gushed into the Gulf of Mexico. Additionally, BP used nearly 2 million gallons of toxic Corexit dispersants to … Continue reading

Haru’s Patron Green Tea Margarita

If you feel like celebrating Cinco de Mayo, but are no fan of tequila; this cocktail may be just the thing. You can head to one of Haru’s participating locations (Gramercy Park, Wall Street, Broadway, and Sake Bar) and pick one … Continue reading

Addicts Fight to Legalize Contraband: Kinder Surprise Egg

Since 1974, Kinder Surprise Eggs have combined the sale of a chocolate egg with a surprise toy inside. And since its launch, nearly 30 billion eggs have been sold all over the world with more than 8,000 different toy surprises. … Continue reading

Eat Like a Winner at the Kentucky Derby 2012

The Kentucky Derby is a quintessential event in America. As such, planning is done way in advance. Lots of  Louisville restaurants are already booked solid for Derby Eve and Derby Day. Still, it can’t hurt to try to squeeze in. You never know when there … Continue reading

What We Think vs. What We Do: America’s Nutrition Evolution (Infographic)

With the increase in food related health problems, it is now especially important to watch what we eat. This infographic could make this task easier for you.    

Favorite Blogger of the week: Stephanie Stiavetti of the Culinary Life

Each week, we will be highlighting some of the most interesting and active members of our community on Facebook, Twitter and Google Plus to help foodies get to know their fellow foodies. This week’s FriendsEAT’s Favorite is +Stephanie Stiavetti, the great mind behind The Culinary … Continue reading

Why Roaches and Twinkies Have Ingredients That Will Out Live Us All

According to the Hostess website, Twinkies have a shelf life of 26 days, and contain, among other ingredients, Polysorbate 60, Red 40, mono and diglycerides and calcium sulfate — “a food-grade equivalent of plaster of Paris.” Author Steve Ettlinger spent … Continue reading

Twinkies and HoHos are on Strike

More than 18,000 workers threaten to strike at Hostess Brands, the maker of abominations such as Twinkies, Ding Dongs and Wonder Bread, which could finally put an end to some of the most unhealthy snacks on the planet. The International … Continue reading

8 Simple Tricks to Get Your Child to Eat Vegetables

Most children seem to have a congenital aversion to vegetables — possibly because some vegetables are bitter tasting, such as Brussels sprout, broccoli, and asparagus. Researchers explain that flavor is the primary dimension by which young children determine food acceptance. … Continue reading

Stop Being Cheap New York, Make Your Mother’s Day Resos Today!

Mom slaves away all day in the kitchen…ok…maybe not anymore. Today’s mom may be better at ordering from Seamless, but it’s no excuse not to treat her to a special meal for Mother’s Day. These are our picks at all … Continue reading

Wine Quote of the Week

Wine quote of the week. Enjoy! “Good wine is a necessity of life for me.” ~ Thomas Jefferson “Wine cheers the sad, revives the old, inspires the young, makes weariness forget his toil.” ~ Lord Byron “Even more importantly, it’s … Continue reading

Carbs are Killing You (Infographic)

Staying healthy is quite confusing. But there is one thing nutritionists agree on. Carbs make you fat. It’s not your fault. Carbs have a sneaky way of making you addicted to them. Besides that, they are almost everywhere. Wanna learn … Continue reading

Jordan Turns 40. Not Michael, Silly…The Winery

For wine lovers throughout the world, Jordan is always heard in high regard. The California winery has become a name for quality wine in the US. Jordan started 40 years ago on May 25. Tom and Sally Jordan signed the deed … Continue reading

Breaking: Greece Bailout is Hinging on Selling $15,000 Olive Oil

Speiron Company in Greece claims to have produced the first luxury olive oil in the world. Lambda sells for $15,000 a bottle, and the 17-ounce bottle pours for $147 per teaspoon. From the Lambda press release: “From some of the … Continue reading

How the Global Food Market Starves the Poor (Infographic Video)

How is it that the first world has an oversupply of food, while 1 in 7 in the world go malnourished? How are traders in Chicago responsible for the starvation of Africans? It’s complicated. To figure out the answer you need … Continue reading

Why Montanara Pizza sucks; it’s Zeppole with Cheese

Antonio Starita’s new pizza place opened in February in Hell’s Kitchen. It quickly rose to fame and I finally made my way over to see what all the fuss was about. Their specialty is  Montanara pizza. The dough is deep fried … Continue reading

Sweeteners – The Complete Guide

High fructose corn syrup (HFCS) is the most common sweetener used today, and is incorporated in virtually everything on grocery store shelves, including soft drinks, cereal, bread, ketchup, pancake syrups, unnatural fruit juices, fruit-flavored and frozen yogurts, and barbecue sauces. … Continue reading

Detroit’s “too expensive” Restaurant Week 2012

When I think of Detroit, I think of Eminem, cars, Kiss, the economy, and food. Yup. I think about food.  Outside Detroit, people think of the city as one of decline. What they fail to see is the growing food community … Continue reading

How cows will kill you (Infographic)

After all the news about pink slime, (a.k.a finely textured meat) people were at an uproar. The industry essentially closed down in days. Some say the whole industry should shut down. There have been studies that suggest eating red meat … Continue reading

What Does Marijuana Wine Taste Like?

Michael Steinberger is an author and for nearly ten years was a wine columnist at Slate. Steinberger also contributed to publications such as The New York Times, Food & Wine, New York Magazine, Wine Spectator, The World of Fine Wine, … Continue reading

Visit to the HBO Game of Thrones Store

This post has nothing to do with food. It has to do with my obsession with A Song of Ice and Fire. If you have not read ASOIAF, get to it. George R.R. Martin may be the best writer of … Continue reading

Salmonella Tainted Tuna Sickens Over 100 in 20 States – 12 hospitalized

According to the Center for Disease Control and Prevention, a frozen raw yellowfin tuna product known as Nakaochi Scrape, from Moon Marine USA Corporation is the likely source of an outbreak of Salmonella Bareilly infections. Many of the people who … Continue reading