2012 Winter Restaurant Week

1x1.trans 2012 Winter Restaurant WeekIt’s that time again. NYC Restaurant Week will take place from January 16 to February 10 (three weeks and five days). Honestly, I’m not all too excited. It’s gotten to be pretty trite. Too many restaurants are allowed in, the menus are disappointing and it gets extended to the point where it no longer feels special.

If you are going to partake in the celebration, these are the restaurants we recommend you visit during restaurant week:

1x1.trans 2012 Winter Restaurant WeekA Voce: (either location) Chef Missy Robbins is a master of Italian cooking, their sommelier is incredible and the food never disappoints.

1x1.trans 2012 Winter Restaurant WeekAmma: Incredible Indian food and white glove service make this an incredible deal.

1x1.trans 2012 Winter Restaurant WeekAureole: One of the best burgers in NYC.

1x1.trans 2012 Winter Restaurant WeekBoulud Sud: any of the Boulud restaurants are a win during restaurant week. If you go to Sud, pray they have their ratatouille on the menu. It’s to die for.

1x1.trans 2012 Winter Restaurant WeekCa Va Brasserie: I know people have issues with Mr. English, but I’ve had nothing but satisfying meals and great service at Ca Va.

1x1.trans 2012 Winter Restaurant WeekEsca:  I judge a seafood restaurant by their sea urchin. Esca’s won my heart. One of the best seafood restaurants in the city.

1x1.trans 2012 Winter Restaurant WeekJunoon: You can go there for lunch on a regular day and get a (very well deserved) one star Michelin meal for under $25. It will be interesting to see what menu they set for NY restaurant week.

1x1.trans 2012 Winter Restaurant WeekThe Lincoln: Three visits to the Lincoln and I have not been disappointed. If you can’t afford the flight to Italy, you can at least head to the Lincoln and make believe.

1x1.trans 2012 Winter Restaurant WeekPampano: This is Mexican the way Mexican should be. With more of a seafood focus, Pampano shows the cuisine of this country in a different light.

1x1.trans 2012 Winter Restaurant WeekPark Avenue Winter: This whimsical restaurant changes decor and dishes with the seasons but has never changed the level of their quality. A great spot to spend a day for restaurant week.

1x1.trans 2012 Winter Restaurant WeekThalassa: If it is as good as last time I visited, you are in for a treat. This is Greek cuisine refined.

1x1.trans 2012 Winter Restaurant Week
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1x1.trans 2012 Winter Restaurant Week


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