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Monthly Archives: December 2011

Flavor profiles of tea

If you’re looking to get into the world of tea, you’ve made a great decision. I’m a huge tea lover (HUGE)! The caffeine high is slower and steadier (at least that is how it feels to me). Tea has tons … Continue reading

Teas vs. Tisanes

I always thought my love for tea started with…tea. I recently learned I was wrong. A tisane is actually an infusion of dried flowers, fresh flowers, herbs, roots or seeds. This includes you chamomile, ginseng, and lemon teas. Who knew? … Continue reading

Scotch Egg Recipe

After becoming addicted to the scotch eggs at Sweet Revenge, I knew I had to learn to make them. These delicious morsels are great for a fancy brunch, but work well as a to go snack. I know they are … Continue reading

(Almost) All About Tea

Everyone is shocked when they learn I am not a coffee drinker. I think that my Colombian heritage does not help much with the shock. It is not that I don’t enjoy coffee, but I am simply quite enamored by … Continue reading

Tzatziki Recipe

This is an incredibly easy (and healthy) recipe. I learned this recipe from my (now ex) step dad who is from Lefkada in Greece. Try it out over the holidays, it will be a hit. Ingredients 1 pint of plain … Continue reading

Cheater’s Cannellini Salad

I am usually a homemade kinda girl; but tonight I was in a bind. I took a few shortcuts to create a super tasty side dish inspired by my trip to Tuscany. If you want to make this a more … Continue reading

Hair of the Dog: Coffee

Many of us will start the New Year with a hangover. You could try one of our tips on preventing a hangover, but if you happen to have skipped that one; you use one of our hangover cures or could … Continue reading

More Champagne Cocktails

Each year we come up with a list of Champagne cocktails for you to try in the new year. This year we have an even bigger list. Keep in mind that while these are “Champagne” cocktails, you can always substitute … Continue reading

How to Make Skordalia

When my mom married into a Greek family, I had no ideas about their culture. I was about to become a teenager and basically all I knew was that Greece was the birthplace of democracy and that they once believed … Continue reading

Ring in the New York New Year in Style 2011

In my younger days, I looked forward to nights of crazy partying on New Year’s Eve. Now that I’m (gasp) older and wiser; I look forward to ringing in the New Year with an amazing meal. If you’re still trying … Continue reading

5th Annual New York Wine Expo

You all know I am a sucker for wine. The 2012 NY Wine Expo will take place March 2-4 (right around my birthday). If you’re new to wine, this is a great way to learn about it. Over 760 wines from nearly … Continue reading

Stuff you should know about Champagne

Many people call any sparkling white wine Champagne. While it’s become widely “accepted”, there is no such thing as “Italian Champagne”. Just like Highlander – there can be only one. In order for wine to be called Champagne, it must: 1. … Continue reading


Trending on Twitter last Friday was #BestMeal2011. We’ve gathered some of the best posts. But, the year is not over boys and girls – that means that you have six more days to have that amazingly memorable meal. What are … Continue reading

Hot Buttered Rum Recipe

I was born south of the Equator and absolutely dread winter. I am not a fan of cold weather and I only like snow because my dog loves to play around in it. Any recipe that keeps a chill away … Continue reading

30Yr Study: Organic Farming Outperforms Conventional, Chemical Farming

Based on a 30-year side-by-side trial [See full report pdf] of conventional and organic farming methods at Pennsylvania’s Rodale Institute, organic farming outperformed conventional farming in every category. Rodale Institute, a nonprofit dedicated to pioneering organic farming through research, claims … Continue reading

Interview with Chef Matthew Kirkley

Chef Matthew Kirkley, a Baltimore native, has been in kitchens most of his life. He started his career at the Striped Bass in Philadelphia after graduating from culinary school. Soon after, he was gracing some of the best kitchens in … Continue reading

White Castle Slider And a Bordeaux, Anyone?

The White Castle hamburger chain is testing beer and wine sales at one of their Indiana outlets, charging $4.50 for wine and $3 for beer. Tracy Turner with The Columbus Dispatch claims the Lafayette location is a dual-concept restaurant that … Continue reading

FBI Seeks to Prosecute Factory Farm Activists As Terrorists

Author and independent journalist Will Potter claims that according to a new document uncovered through the Freedom of Information Act, the FBI Joint Terrorism Task Force has kept files on activists who expose animal welfare abuses on factory farms and … Continue reading

Prime Ko Japanese Hanukkah Extravaganza

If you’re not a traditionalist and are really not in the mood to celebrate with latkes, you can head to Prime Ko on the Upper West Side. This Kosher Japanese steakhouse is offering the below menu for the Friday night of Hanukkah at $75 … Continue reading

Mulled Cider Recipe

Mulled Cider is a holiday classic. No home should be without a batch of this on Christmas morning. Heck, even if you don’t celebrate Christmas, this is something you should incorporate into your December schedule. It’s comforting and delicious. Ingredients … Continue reading

Shameless McDonald’s Ads To Link Big Mac & Fries With Local Food Movement

Morgan Clendaniel discusses a new series of upcoming Orwellian McDonald’s ads that will be launched in 2012. The ads [see ad] feature testimonials from the alleged owners of massive industrial farms about the origin of the ingredients for McDonald’s fast-food. … Continue reading

Most Shocking Things About China’s Food Industry

China is a rising star in the world, but it has its problems. This is especially so when it comes to food. China is constantly plagued by scandal when it comes to food. These are some of the most shocking … Continue reading

New Year’s Eve: Only 20% Plan On Going To A Bar Or Restaurant

According to survey information compiled by the National Restaurant Association, 100 million Americans plan to celebrate the New Year by going out to a restaurant or bar, or order restaurant takeout or delivery. But the real telling survey results are … Continue reading

Foodie Christmas Celebrations in NYC 2011

I love Christmas in New York. As much as I despise cold weather I look forward to seeing the windows on 5th, the tree at the Metropolitan and walking through Central Park right after the first big snowfall. Ultimately, what … Continue reading

Ah, The Rich Life – Champagne Sales Up 15 Percent

In spite of the lackluster economy in both Europe and the U.S., the Wall Street Journal’s Marion Issard claims champagne labels recorded a 15% sales growth over the first nine months of 2011. In fact, Issard notes that for Louis … Continue reading

Fitch: Restaurant Food Costs To Increase For 2nd Year

U.S. restaurant food and beverage costs will rise by 5 percent or more in 2012, and increase for the second year in a row, according to Fitch, a global credit rating agency. “The latest USDA commodity price forecast calls for … Continue reading

Ovens For Your Homemade Pizzas

Pizzas come in different flavors and characters, made unique by ingredients and techniques. Beyond ingredients, the equipment used in cooking the pizza can make all the difference. Choosing the right pizza oven is a key element in creating perfect pizza. … Continue reading

Alabama Farmers Consider Using Prisoners For Field Labor

Alabama farmers have proposed using prisoners for field labor. The state faces a shortage of migrant workers after it passed the country’s harshest anti-immigration law, known as HB56. Alabama’s new anti-immigration law requires local police to verify the immigration status … Continue reading

Major Food Companies Sue Egg Producers For Price Fixing

Kellogg’s, General Mills, Kraft, and Nestle have sued United Egg Producers, United States Egg Marketers and 11 egg farms and distributors for conspiring to control prices and supplies in violation of antitrust laws. Bloomberg News service reports the plaintiffs filed … Continue reading

Surimi is surely not for me

Basically, this is the stuff used in cheap Japanese restaurants and passed off as crab, lobster and shrimp. How is this possible? It’s made up of a processed fish paste (usually pollock or whiting) which is tinted (usually with Red #5 … Continue reading

Norwegian Butter Shortage Drives Prices to $32 a Pound

A severe butter shortage has hit Norway, due in part to high demand for butter used in traditional Norwegian Christmas dishes, as well as the popularity of a low-carbohydrate, fat-rich diet. The butter shortfall has also been attributed to a … Continue reading

Texas Oyster-Man: “We’ve Never Seen Anything Like This Before”

A few months ago, Louisiana shrimpers complained of having of the worst shrimp season in over a half century, claiming it wasn’t bad just in spots but all over southeastern Louisiana. One shrimper called it the worst season he had … Continue reading

International Breakfasts

What do you think of when you hear the word “breakfast”? I think of two eggs, sunny side up. Sometimes I think of a Tamal Tolimense, others I think of Changua. This all roots from my Colombian background. Each week, … Continue reading

Corporations Openly Rip Off National School Lunch Program

Writing for the New York Times, Lucy Komisar, an investigative journalist who specializes in uncovering corporate misconduct, claims about a quarter of the National School Lunch Program has been privatized, much of it outsourced to food service management giants who … Continue reading

Roux: A Love Affair

As an immigrant from Colombia, when I came to the US in 1987, I was amazed by food in boxes and cans. I was used to going to the galeria to pick up all our goods from farmers in the … Continue reading

California Wine Owners Donate Land to Restore Local Salmon Population

In an effort to stabilize riverbanks along the Napa River and restore salmon spawns, more than 40 landowners have agreed to convert nearly 135 acres of premium farmland to stop erosion in the heart of California’s premiere wine country. Napa … Continue reading

Other Edible Eggs

In the states, when one says the word “egg” one thinks of chicken eggs. But if you’re bored of the same old thing and you want to try something new, there are plenty of others you can try: Bantam: These … Continue reading

Court Order Forces FDA to Decide on BPA Ban

According to a court settlement recently reached between the Food and Drug Administration and the Natural Re­sources Defense Council (NRDC), the FDA must decide by March 31 on whether to ban the chemical bisphenol A (BPA). The agreement was approved … Continue reading

Anthony Bourdain’s 10 Second Meals

When you’re drunk from the bar these are those 10 second treasures that will help you wake up with a hangover.

Feast of the Seven Fishes

Christmas is a big holiday for the Italian community. One of my favorite Italian Christmas celebrations is “The Feast of the Seven Fishes.” It is said the feast originates from the Southern part of Italy where families prepare different seafood dishes … Continue reading