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Monthly Archives: October 2011

Shrimp Farm in Nevada Desert

In the most unlikely of locations, the dry desert of North Las Vegas, Nevada, a company called “Blue Oasis Pure Shrimp” has built 44 ponds from recycled shipping containers to grow and harvest shrimp on a 30,000-square-foot shrimp farm. [see … Continue reading

Halloween Season Blues: How long will that chocolate last?

It’s the Halloween season once again and kids, and yes, even adults can’t wait to get hold of their Jack-O-Lanterns and Halloween bags for some trick or treating this year. If your kids are really prolific, they may end up … Continue reading

Wines for the Cure Event at The Brownstone Paterson, NJ

Wine and food tasting events have never been better, especially when they are put together for a cause. The Susan G Komen for the Cure is America’s largest, most-followed organization for breast cancer awareness. The organization has been raising funds … Continue reading

Interview with Tropical Foodies

Winter is coming. Thankfully that does not mean you can’t add a little heat and spice to life. The best way to introduce a little tropical flare to your life is to check out our community’s pick for the #5 … Continue reading

Monsanto Opponents Petition Food Companies to Ban New GMO Corn

Monsanto plans on launching its first commercial genetically altered consumer-oriented vegetable product. The new GE sweet corn will be sold on the ear, with or without husk, in the produce section of grocery stores. The GE corn would be used … Continue reading

Tap Water One of The Fastest Growing Beverages at U.S. Restaurants

According to food service market research conducted by The NPD Group, revenue-generating beverages have been declining over the past five years, with tap water becoming one of the fastest growing beverages ordered at U.S. restaurants. Based on NPD’s research, tap … Continue reading

5,000 Pounds of Pine Nuts Recalled, 42 Sick

The Food and Drug Administration issued a press release on their website indicating that Wegmans Food Markets, Inc. is recalling approximately 5,000 lbs. of Turkish Pine Nuts sold in the Bulk Foods department of most Wegmans stores in New York, … Continue reading

Review Sweet Revenge

The first time I met Marlo Scott was when she had just left her corporate job to pursue the dream many people have: to open her own business. In her case it was a cupcake and wine bar. Marlo has … Continue reading

Obama Administration Bankrolled AquaBounty’s GE Salmon With Taxpayer Funds

In a jaw dropping revelation, Suzanne Goldenberg, US environment correspondent with the Guardian, reports the Obama administration has awarded a research grant of $500,000 to financially troubled AquaBounty, the Massachusetts based biotech company attempting to introduce unlabeled genetically engineered GE … Continue reading

US District Judge Rules Corn Sugar Lawsuit Can Go Forward

A federal judge has ruled against a dismissal motion filed by corn industry attorneys who claimed their corn sugar advertising campaign is protected by free speech. Corn industry attorneys argued that the lawsuit was an “attempt to stifle a national … Continue reading

Review The Fat Goose Brooklyn

When Chef Jennifer Cole informed me that she was moving from the Upper West Side to Brooklyn, I knew this would be a good move. More culinary freedom and liberal, experimental palates. Chef Cole invited me and a small group … Continue reading

Michelin Stars Shine for San Francisco

Looks like the stars align again as the Michelin Guide reveals its coveted stars list for restaurants in San Francisco, Bay Area & Wine County. Two Napa Valley restaurants, The French Laundry and The Restaurant at Meadowood, have retained the Three Michelin Star … Continue reading

BPA Exposure in Womb Linked to Anxiety, Depression in Kids

A new study published in Pediatrics indicates preschoolers exposed to higher levels of bisphenol A (BPA) in the womb may have more anxiety and depression and have worse self-control than those exposed to lower levels of the chemical before birth. … Continue reading

Cantaloupe Farm Behind Deadliest Food-borne Outbreak in 25Yrs Got Top Score

The listeria outbreak from cantaloupes causing 25 deaths is now considered the deadliest known outbreak of foodborne illness in the U.S. in more than 25 years. The listeria outbreak which began on July 31 has killed 25 people and sickened … Continue reading

Halloween Events in NYC

Halloween is just around the corner and when it comes to Halloween celebrations, there’s nothing better than celebrating it in NYC. If you’re not one for braving the crowds at the parade; there are plenty of options for you. Let … Continue reading

Interview with Karlynn Johnston

Karlynn was selected as one of the top 50 Food Bloggers of 2011. When she was nominated by the community we could see why: she cooks, bakes and gardens (and like me, she does not enjoy the clean-up part of … Continue reading

Census Bureau: Majority in U.S. Haven’t Dined Out In a Year

Seattle Weekly’s Hanna Raskin came up with a novel idea and pulled Table 1240 of the U.S. Census Bureau. Raskin discovered the majority of Americans haven’t dined out in a year. Table 1240 measures “adult participation in leisure activities by … Continue reading

Food Day 2011

Today is Food day, and this day aims to bring awareness about how we eat, our resources, and our food. Food Day 2011 is headed by Honorary Co-Chairs Senator Tom Harkin (from Iowa) and Representative Rosa DeLauro (from the third District of … Continue reading

Doctors, Scientists, Consumers File Petition Demanding GE Food Be Labeled

In early October, the Center for Food Safety (CFS) filed a petition with the U.S. Food and Drug Administration demanding the agency require labeling of all food produced using genetic engineering. The petition was filed on behalf of the Just … Continue reading

Interview with Food Blogger Natalie Tierney

The Perth Food Journal was selected by our community as one of the top 50 food blogs of 2011. This was not much of a surprise, since Natalie gives her readers exactly what they want. Delicious, approachable recipes; honest restaurant … Continue reading

How to eat in Tuscany

Italy is a great country for food. But there are some things you need to know before assuming that every meal will be the best of your life. If you are headed to Italy (specifically Tuscany) these are some things … Continue reading

Sexy Cooking Celebrities: Cat Cora

America’s first female Iron Chef is no stranger when it comes to being a sexy celebrity chef. We’re all familiar with Chef Cat Cora. The one we fell in love with while battling with the boys of Iron Chef America. … Continue reading

Poll: What is your favorite doughnut flavor?

The results are in for our totally unscientific Facebook poll to find out what the world’s favorite doughnut flavors are. Mine is Chocolate Glazed (came in at #4). Want to see if your favorite made the top ten? Check the … Continue reading

Sexy Cooking Celebrities: Sandra Lee

Semi-Homemade has always been the tag name of Food Network Star, Sandra Lee. She is known for her cooking shows which feature meals that are quick and easy to make. Despite the consistent criticisms on her shows and her other … Continue reading

General Mills Sued For Widespread Deceptive Marketing Campaign

The Center for Science in the Public Interest (CSPI) has filed a class action suit against General Mills in the U.S. District Court in the northern district of California. In its complaint, CSPI alleges that General Mills is misleading consumers … Continue reading

10 Facts About Mac n’ Cheese Infographic

Click the image for the even bigger full-size version Embed this image on your site! Via: Restaurant Coupons Love this infographic? Spread the Love!

Top 10 Best Celebrity Tippers

People like to talk about celebrities; a lot! Whether it’s about their shows, films, latest scandals, and hook-ups, there is always be gossip about these famous people. One thing not often discussed is tipping. Celebrities are expected to leave generous … Continue reading

Lethal, Highly Contagious Virus Found in Wild Salmon

Researchers at a news conference in Vancouver disclosed that a lethal and highly contagious marine virus has been detected for the first time in wild salmon in the Pacific Northwest. The virus, “infectious salmon anemia”, which does not affect humans, … Continue reading

Top Wine and Food Classes in NYC

People have learned to embrace the partnership of food and wine; especially those living in New York where almost all restaurants offer wine pairing for their courses. This may be a big reason why people are interested in taking food … Continue reading

Food Cart Owners at Odds With Zuccotti Park Occupy Protesters

Alex Klein writing for New York Magazine, complains that Occupy Wall Street protesters are creating hardships for food carts and tourist stands near Zuccotti Park. In an attempt to draw a parallel with the recent demonstrations in Tahrir Square by … Continue reading

Candy Bars and Child Slaves – One of the World’s Best-Kept Secrets

Good Magazine’s Kristen Howerton makes the alarming claim that hundreds of thousands of children in West Africa are enslaved harvesting cocoa beans for the benefit of most of the mainstream chocolate providers in the United States. Howerton cites a report … Continue reading

2012 Michelin Stars Japan

The Michelin Guide’s picks for 2012 Michelin Stars in Japan have been released. There are 12 Japanese restaurants, 2 fusion and 1 French restaurant with 3 stars. Seems to me there’s space for some other cuisine types to infiltrate Japan … Continue reading

Tasty and Cheap Italian Eats in NYC

In searching for the best Italian fine dining restaurants in New York, I found that there is a great selection of inexpensive Italian restaurants in the city. These mini Italian food stops are the ones which people love visiting because … Continue reading

Auto Gratuity, a Growing Trend at Bars and Restaurants

From New York to California, the practice of adding “auto gratuities” to bar and restaurant checks appears to be gaining momentum. The Wall Street Journal reports that a 20 percent tip is added to the bar tab for even one … Continue reading

Poll: What Foods Most Remind You of Childhood?

We recently polled our Facebook fans to find out what foods most reminded them of childhood. We opened up the poll so they could add their favorites to the options. The results are in. These were the foods most closely … Continue reading

World Coffee Supply Threatened By Climate Change

Jim Hanna, Starbucks sustainability director, told The Guardian that climate change is threatening the world coffee supply. Hanna said their farmers were already seeing the effects of a changing climate, with severe hurricanes and more resistant bugs reducing crop yields. … Continue reading

NYC Occupy Protesters Eat Free From Their Own Occupy Kitchen

Anne Kadet writing for the Wall Street Journal is intrigued by what she refers to as “The Occupy Economy”. Kadet claims Occupy Wall Street (OWS) protesters are living in New York on less than $10 a day — a feat, … Continue reading

Coffee Porn: Take a Shot and Take a Sip

Coffee: one of the best things that life has to offer. When I feel stressed out I go to my favorite coffee shop, sit down at my favorite spot and take a sip of a flavorful cup of coffee then … Continue reading

Fun Food Events for Kids in NYC – Winter 2011

One thing that pleases me immensely is seeing my friends children growing up to be full on foodies. It was so cute to see my friend’s daughter flip out over gherkins and pate. We introduced  my niece to wild boar … Continue reading

Top 10 Restaurants in Vienna

Europe boasts of many different world-class cuisines. With the spotlight usually given to France, Italy, and Paris, there’s one place that truly gives some interesting and exciting culinary scene. Vienna, throughout the years, learned to brighten up someone’s day with … Continue reading