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Monthly Archives: August 2011

Review Wang Mester Konyhaja Chinese Restaurant Budapest

Budapest was a relief after being in Italy for over a month. Italy has some great Italian food, but not much else. Chinese? out of luck. Cuban? out of luck. French? Out of luck…you get the point. Turns out that … Continue reading

“I Know What You Buy at Grocery Stores, Big Brother Style”

A popular Reddit thread recently caught our always roving eye. The thread was submitted by “IAmA”, who proclaims to be a behavioral analyst for a grocery store. “IAmA” offers readers a supposed inside look at how the grocery business uses … Continue reading

Review Baraka Restaurant Budapest

Budapest ended up being an amazing food city. Much better than I expected. Klassz Bistro and Bock quickly became two of my favorites. Baraka Etterem has potential. In fact, when Antonio and I sat there for lunch we kept mentioning … Continue reading

Smorgasburg At Brooklyn Market

Spell summer with great bargain and food tripping at the Brooklyn Market. The most populated New York borough is opening its doors. Well actually, it is a market for bargain hunters during this summer who want to dig in for … Continue reading

Dieting Makes Brain Cells Eat Themselves

In the past few years, reports have been made on how obesity, smoking and other vices and lifestyle, can cause our brain cells to shrink. Today, what’s more shocking is that dieting can also cause this condition to happen. It’s … Continue reading

FOIA Records Reveal Potential For Another Massive Egg Recall

Iowa has been the No. 1 egg-producing state in the nation for the past 10 years. Clark Kauffman with the Des Moines Register notes one year after 1,900 people were sickened and a half-billion Iowa eggs were recalled, government inspectors … Continue reading

Jonathan’s Card: Giving Coffee Meets Good Karma

Kindness has jumped over the fence of technology. Now, through a phone application, you can now buy a cup of coffee for yourself, a family member, a friend, or even a stranger. This application called Jonathan’s Card was offered to … Continue reading

Press Release: FriendsEAT Releases 25 Facts About Bacon Infographic

The love of bacon has inspired foodies throughout the world. FriendsEAT has compiled the most interesting facts about bacon (and some related pork products) and compiled them all into an infographic. New York, NY August 30, 2011 — This infographic was created … Continue reading

8 Tips On Getting Into Cooking School

It’s not surprising to see the rise of many cooking schools in the recent years. The growing popularity of celebrity chefs, restaurant chef owners, successful chef businessmen, chef instructors, and many more have made this possible. Becoming a foodie may … Continue reading

Florida Deregulates Honey Sales For Backyard Beekeepers

Florida’s Department of Agriculture has announced that it’s deregulating the sale of honey for backyard beekeepers who have no more than $15,000 a year in sales. Small-scale honey producers can now bottle and sell honey without obtaining permits, exempting them … Continue reading

Food Trends: Been There, Done That

Trends do not only exist in the fashion world, celebrities, and homes styles. In the food industry, trends have begun to crawl into the consciousness of foodies and the food service sector, in general. Trending is coined in different phrases … Continue reading

Famous Names In the Vegan List

Vegans have been rocking the food scene for quite sometime. The number of vegans, from ordinary people, to celebrities, and powerful individuals has grown sporadically throughout the years. In the spirit of being healthy, no wonder the biggest names in … Continue reading

FDA Bans Mexican Papayas Linked to Salmonella

The Food and Drug Administration has announced a ban on all papayas grown in Mexico because of widespread contamination of Mexican papaya with Salmonella. Mexican papayas have been linked to approximately 100 cases of Salmonella Agona in 23 U.S. states, … Continue reading

Wine Lovers Get The Best of iPhone Apps

It does not matter where you are in the world or what you do, as long as you are enthusiastic about wines and a certified wine lover, you are in the circle. In order to have a wider approach into … Continue reading

Fresh And Cheap Shopping From Farmer’s Markets

Fresh from the Farmer’s Market, shopping is a pleasurable experience especially for those eyeing the health department and budget-conscious. It is a great alternative for the air-conditioned and pricey supermarkets and food shops. The Farmer’s Market teems with freshness and … Continue reading

Review Bock Bizstro Budapest, Hungary

We just left Italy to visit some very good friends in Hungary. They took us to an amazing dinner at Klass Bistro last night. I knew after such a good meal, I could not just pick a random place to … Continue reading

A Gem Named Danny Meyer

Gastronomes and foodies will be treated to another exciting food experience and homey ambiance at a new dining venue that’s hitting New York. Amidst this restaurant craze, one new hub is sure to like a silver cutlery despite being named … Continue reading

Review Klassz Bistro in Budapest, Hungary

On our first eating night in Budapest, we were lucky enough to have friends who live here guide us to a wonderful eating establishment; Klassz Bistro. We arrived and were seated in the back which is a wine store within … Continue reading

New York’s Most Expensive Dining Experience

We may find luxury in having really great meals in some of New York’s best restaurants. But when it comes to the restaurant bill, how keen are we in paying all out for a night of some worthy bite? New … Continue reading

Homo Erectus Sparked the Cooking Era

Cooking is one of the core chores for mankind to survive. It has been and will always be a part of survival and living, no matter what one’s status in life is. It does not preclude geographical, cultural, or racial … Continue reading

Foodies Dragged Out Of the Kitchen

The term, foodie became a remarkable name for someone who has a splendid love for food, and sometimes, cooking. It’s a great thing to know that foodies are rising in number, but unfortunately, not spending that much time with their … Continue reading

Primary Farm Subsidies Slashed For Years to Come

Because of an increase in crop prices, Midwestern farmers may not qualify for the primary form of farm subsidy for years to come. As The Wall Street Journal’s Scott Kilman points out, the market has done what decades of political … Continue reading

Water: Fresh From The Faucet or Bottle?

Water is one of the basic necessities that an individual needs for survival. This may seem to be a simple clear liquid, but in the bigger picture, it is of great privilege to have clean, running water for daily needs, … Continue reading

Haute Cuisine Replaced by McDonald’s & Now The French Are Getting Fat

While seated at the Le Meurice Hotel, suspended above the Tuileries gardens with a stellar view of Paris, guests may dine on a meal of white salmon, veal with truffles and cake. Yes, indeed, France is world famous for its … Continue reading

Tomatoes Can Trigger Arthritis

Food contributes largely to our health. While this is the reality, many people still don’t realize how far foods can affect the well-being of a person. Unhealthy food goes into the system just like the way healthy foods go. Once … Continue reading

Beer Belly Asks: Low-Carb or Full-Strength?

When it comes to eating habits, the term, “ low-carb ” seems to be a beautiful sound for the health buffs. It has become a trend at the moment, and even in alcoholic beverages such as beers, people are going … Continue reading

Hell on Earth For Workers in South African Wineries

According to Human Rights Watch (HRW), South African workers on wine and fruit farms lead dismal, dangerous lives, and live in on-site housing unfit for habitation. [See Video] In its 96-page report, “Ripe with Abuse: Human Rights Conditions in South … Continue reading

Banana Split Rules August 25

The food calendar may be marked with all the healthiest foodie holidays in town. And that’s more than enough reason why it is made in to a foodie holiday. We love them in every way possible. This featured holiday may … Continue reading

Hard-Hitting Documentary: Farmers Expose Truth About GM Crops

Monsanto completely dominates the corn and soybean market. Monsanto’s Roundup Ready GM corn is now planted on nearly 80 percent of the farmland in the U.S., and Monsanto’s GM Roundup Ready gene is in 93 percent of U.S. soybean seeds. … Continue reading

Developing School Children’s Good Eating Habits

Are the days gone when kids don’t have pressures and just enjoy their meals wherever they are? Blame it on the changing times, if this is true. Modern lifestyle seems to be losing its touch on mankind’s need for an … Continue reading

Morton’s Social Media Dominance

Great meals and good services are often great reasons for a customer to love a restaurant. But what is really surprising is when a restaurant goes beyond its confines and offers something extraordinary to its loyal customers. This brings us … Continue reading

Beef Prices Set To Soar

The hot weather and lack of rain has created a severe drought in the state of Texas, and many southern US states. Last month, 246 of Texas’s 254 counties were under a burn ban, forcing cattle owners to thin out … Continue reading

Peach Pie Day Takes A Sweet Turn

Almost everyone must love a warm slice of the favorite fruity pie. This makes a good reason for the foodies to celebrate Peach Pie Day. Put your peach fruit dreams into action. The summer calendar is definitely going crazy when … Continue reading

Google’s Top Food-Related Searches For The Week

The world of the online surfing makes a cool ground for search engines and web surfers. And among the most popular topics that are being searched on the web, food-related articles are still rising to the occasion with flying colors. … Continue reading

Memorial Wine: Winery Uses Cheap Publicity Stunt to Profit From 9/11

Deborah Netburn with the Los Angeles Times writes: “A winery on Long Island has introduced two new wines to commemorate the 10th anniversary of Sept. 11. Before you start rolling your eyes, keep reading: It’s not (quite) as bad as … Continue reading

Heat Decomposes Sugar

For every sweet tooth there is today, there is always a bitter truth behind it. What would you do if you found out that you’re favorite sweetener, sucrose does not melt? Well, the researchers were in shock by this bitter-sweet … Continue reading

Sponge Cake Day

It absorbs every little smile that comes out in each bite. The Sponge Cake Day makes a notable foodie holiday for everyone who lives to have a piece of it. Sponge cake is cake that you get from the mixture … Continue reading

Urban Farming Explodes Across U.S.

Like the Victory Gardens of the 1940′s, interest in urban and residential gardening has exploded across the United States. The Farm-to-Table Movement has also rapidly gained in popularity, as more and more locavores and foodies strive to purchase all or … Continue reading

Ice Cream Gallery’s Inspiration

When it comes to frozen treats, ice cream or sorbet is probably top  choice. I didn’t really know what is the exact name to call each ice cream I see on the streets, shops, or the supermarket. All I know … Continue reading

Beer and Its Perfect Food Complement

Unwinding at night is definitely a needed break for everyone, especially those who work hard for the day. While some people call for a bottle of red wine or a glass of whiskey, tequila, margarita, and loads of stuff from … Continue reading