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Monthly Archives: July 2011

Herbs Will Spice Up Your Life

My nostrils flare up a bit when I smell basil and bayleaf. I just love the way the aromatic herbs get through my sense of smell and instantly feel ravished. The kitchen is a refuge to many who find it … Continue reading

Ramadan: A Journey Of Faith

We live in a world with different religious beliefs, traditions that follow our faith. Aside from Christianity, another religion that is being followed by most people around the world is Islam. And if Christians have holy week, Muslims have their … Continue reading

Bicycle Wine Racks

During its early years, bicycles were made for wandering around the city as an exercise or plain hobby. It also became a big part for many Europeans and Americans as bicycles are being considered as means of transportation, amidst the … Continue reading

Cheesecake Day With Love

July 30 is a great day for the foodies and dessert lovers in America and also, around the world. Cheesecake Day is coming to town and better get ready for a cream-filled day of cheesy goodness. Dating back to history … Continue reading

The Enticing Grape Falanghina

White wine has been known to come from grape falanghina. This is one of classic grape varietals known to the wine industry, with roots from Campania, a region in the southern part of Italy. Historically, grape falanghina was not a … Continue reading

Cookware Is The Seasoned Kitchen Mate

Homemakers who consider cookware as kitchen appeal enhancers most often do not have use for such. They buy on impulse and compulsion because the aesthetic appeal that the cookware brings to the kitchen is far more important than what value … Continue reading

Seasonings: Faux or Fact

Seasonings must have been the most traditional food additives that every cook infuse to create blasting dishes. In the olden days, where technology wasn’t much a concern, natural seasonings include the bounties of the soil such as herbs and spices … Continue reading

Lasagna Day Beckons On July 29

Lasagna Day gives us another reason to have a little special meal at home this summer season. On July 29th, bring out the Italian in you and make a really warm treat for you and your family. This is a … Continue reading

Author of Debt Ceiling Austerity Plan Spotted Drinking $350 Bottle of Wine

Both Washington and the country are contentiously divided over spending cuts and tax revenues as the nation holds its breath while members of Congress scurry through the halls on Capital Hill to make last minute deals over raising the country’s … Continue reading

Campbell’s Answer to Paltry Soup Sales – More Salt

At an annual investor meeting at the Campbell’s headquarters in Camden, New Jersey, incoming CEO Denise Morrison announced that salt will be added in more than two dozen soups after a health-inspired low-sodium marketing campaign failed to boost soup sales. … Continue reading

Leftover Wine Isn’t A-Throw-Away Thing

Wines are supposed to be consumed once opened. The spirit, as many wine connoisseurs and lovers would say, leaves the wine as soon as the cork is off the lid. Majority of regular drinkers finds satisfaction to wind up the … Continue reading

Grilling With Big Green Eggs

Save some money and help preserve mother nature by doing your usual grilling stuff on these huge egg-like grillers, made for your own comfort. The whole egg griller idea first started in 1974 when Ed Fisher, the genius behind this … Continue reading

Scientists Decipher Full Genetic Code of The Potato

An international consortium of scientists consisting of 97 researchers from 14 countries have deciphered the full genetic code of the potato. Their findings are published in the journal Nature. The rice genome was completed in 2005 and a draft sequence … Continue reading

Mediterranean Diet Loses Flavor?

It was famous for being a good healthy diet for decades, and now, looks like the tables have turned around. What is the future for the Mediterranean diet. The Mediterranean diet is not does not speak of all the cuisines … Continue reading

Wine Critiques: We Speak Not For Money

A review can attract or discourage readers from buying a product, more so if it’s one that involves food and wines. Wine criticism have been around for decades. It is important for wine makers to get wine criticisms to sell … Continue reading

Is the End Near for The Food Network?

When we talk about food television, we’re probably talking about The Food Network. It has become the main source of entertaining cooking shows. Indeed, this channel has become one of the most powerful icons of cooking, and has captivated generations … Continue reading

Birth Defects Linked to Monsanto’s Roundup Herbicide

Objective scientists and biologists not intimidated by the chemical or biotechnology industry, have claimed for years that Monsanto’s Roundup herbicide — specifically the active ingredient glyphosate — poses an extremely grave threat to public health. Yet their pleas have been … Continue reading

Menopause Swings

Menopause is more than just mood swings, hot flushes, and the hormones acting up. It’s a period where women experience a transition in their bodies, appearance, low level of progesterone and estrogens, lesser menstrual periods that would eventually fade away, … Continue reading

Monsanto-Resistant Weeds Driving Up Food Prices

At least 21 weed species have developed resistance to Monsanto’s Roundup herbicide, according to a new series of studies released by Weed Science. So-called “super-weeds” are now developing resistance to alternative herbicides. And new occurrences of resistance are being noted … Continue reading

Trockenbeerenauslese: Handpicking The Gems

There are wines in the market and wine industry which have commonalities and are often difficult to differentiate one from the other. But, there are those which are rarely found. This is true for the story of Trockenbeerenauslese Rieslings, a … Continue reading

Shapes That Give Spunk To The Garden

If life bores you with the same picture of things which you normally see in your daily life, these next few things that will be featured will definitely make your eyeballs roll in wonderment. Shapes make an ordinary object, human, … Continue reading

Why China Has a Top-Secret “Strategic Pork Reserve”

Ian Bremmer, president of Eurasia Group and author of The End of the Free Market, warns that food and water are going to be the new oil. Bremmer’s comments were made in reference to the BRICs — Brazil, Russia, India … Continue reading

Pleasure Doing Business with Twitter

It gets millions of users everyday, from all walks of life. There are ordinary people like students and employees, businessmen and companies, or even Hollywood celebrities and the like who are hugely attracted to using this social media marketing tool … Continue reading

National Food Chains Join First Lady to Reach “Food Deserts”

National chains and retailers have joined with Michelle Obama to promote the First Lady’s campaign to distribute fresh fruits and vegetables to food deserts across America. According to the USDA, a food desert exists in areas where 33% or 500 … Continue reading

Eiswen: Grapes Cling ‘Til Winter Comes

Grapes are often sweet as they are freshly picked, but it turns out that the flavors become more intense when the grapes are frozen down. This is the case for Eiswein wines. The German wine classification, Eiswen, speaks of grapes … Continue reading

El Bulli Closes Down With Dignity

One of the Royalties in the culinary and restaurant world is coming down to close in a few days. But it just would not stop giving royalty treatment until its very last day. As the famous El Bulli restaurant in … Continue reading

Are Organically Grown Foods Pesticide-Free?

When many of us think of organic farming, we wrongly assume organic crops are pesticide free. When organic farming methods like weed-suppressive cover crops, crop rotation, and biological pest control methods are insufficient to prevent or control pests, organic farmers … Continue reading

Women’s Fight Against Pre-Menstrual Syndrome

Ladies, we may or may not admit to it, but more than 50% of women are experiencing PMS or pre-menstrual syndrome. How should we deal with that? Pre-menstrual syndrome is a phenomenon of which a woman experiences physical and emotional … Continue reading

Interview with Food Blogger Mollee Sullivan

If you got a broken stomach, make a positive thing out of it, keep your composure and blog about it. This is what food blogger, Mollee Sullivan did when she was diagnosed with a stomach disorder called gastroparesis. In her … Continue reading

Sun and Salsa Festival From Canada With Love

Festivals are great, especially if it involves food and celebration. Join one of Canada’s famous festivals coming in July 24th. Salsa is one of the most festive dishes and dip around the world. Though it is widely known to be … Continue reading

Cheesy Poofs for the South Park Diehards

Around the world, animated shows have been well received by cultures, cross cutting gender and age. Unlike shows taped in reality, there’s real-life setting which fans could visit and have a tour of. Lucky for fans, creators of animated shows … Continue reading

Il Mozzicone Restaurant – Rome, Italy

I was lucky enough to have friends visiting Rome at the same time of my visit. I relocated from the Trastevere neighborhood to a wonderful apart-hotel called the Borgo Pio Residence near the Vatican. I have to give this place … Continue reading

Il Galeone Restaurant – Trastevere Rome

Il Galeone is located two blocks away from the apartment I was staying at in the Trastevere neighborhood in Rome. For those who are not familiar with the neighborhood, it is a great place to stay, with very old with … Continue reading

Riesling: Categorically Classic And Eternal

Not all wines and wine grapes are made equal. If you’re looking for versatility of wine with wide classifications produced from a little wine grape, you better be looking at Riesling – classic and eternal wines from Germany. Riesling has … Continue reading

Birthday Party For Children Made Easier

When you think about a kid’s birthday party, you visualize a very colorful and fun-filled event. Get those artistic bones and turn on your creative mode to make your kid’s day a very memorable one. Children’s birthday party is more … Continue reading

Sauces Can Make A Dish Blast

A foodie knows what is good and what is not. A stand-alone food can taste good, but it can be better with some dips and sauces that would give you a flavorful blow on the palate. These are the little … Continue reading

Kids’ Brain Foods For Smart Growth

It’s time to keep your kids away from the threat brought by the demand for junk foods. Introduce your kids to some brain foods that would sharpen their minds and give them the right nutrition that they need. Healthy food … Continue reading

New York Food and Wine Events for July

New York has been very hot these days, not only because of the summer season, but also because of the events that are coming up in the next few days and weeks. Nicknamed as “the city that never sleeps,” New … Continue reading

Riesling Style: Light And Gorgeous Kabinett

Get the balanced flavors of acidity and sweetness with a Riesling classification known as the Kabinett. The Kabinett style is achieved through Riesling grapes, which are harvested early in the season, just in time that the grape ripens. It is … Continue reading

Drinks To Go For Health This Summer

We may have gone pass the summer solstice this year, but, the season is just starting to bloom. Drink many  fluids during this season. Summer is one of the best seasons to have a party under the sun or a … Continue reading