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Monthly Archives: May 2011

Food Truck Gets Into Star Wars

The food is good, so I heard, in the Grillenium Falcon. Let us just hope that George Lucas does not sue them. The merry days of food trucks in the country are in full blast. Well, it cannot be helped. … Continue reading

Consuming Omega-3 During Pregnancy May Prevent Obesity in Children

From the way things look, soon-to-be mothers have more reason to eat fish. Scientists from the Harvard Medical School have discovered that pregnant women who eat consume adequate amounts of Omega-3 fatty acids may lower the risk that their children … Continue reading

Interview with Food Blogger Margaret Doughney

Margaret Doughney is the brain and soul behind the blog Savory Sweet Living. If you love a good food blog, you should definitely check it out. Margaret shares candid stories (like the fire in her condo complex), delicious recipes (Coconut cauliflower soup with seared … Continue reading

On Class War and Eating Man’s Best Friend

A truck transporting over 500 dogs to restaurants in northeastern China was recently forced off the road by an angry animal lover who spotted the truck on the Beijing highway. According to the Washington Post’s William Wan, after news of … Continue reading

Guilt-Free Treating

If you feel like eating your favorite treats has become too much of a problem, then you might want to try this simple strategy. While it does not keep you from eating, it does help you eat fewer of it. … Continue reading

Zuckerberg Only Eats What He Kills

              It sounds strange, coming from a man who calls himself a vegetarian of sorts. But believe it when he says it: “The only meat I’m eating is from animals I’ve killed myself.” The … Continue reading

Scratch and Sniff Restaurants

So much for being foodies, we like to take note of our dining experiences for future references and one thing that we look forward to when we are dining out is the worthiness of each penny we spend on food. … Continue reading

Study: One Third of All The World’s Food is Wasted

According to a United Nations funded study conducted by the Swedish Institute for Food and Biotechnology, one third of all food produced for human consumption goes to waste, amounting to more than one billion tons of waste around the world … Continue reading

Sangria for Memorial Day

Not sure what the weather is like by you, but in NYC it is gloomy. That means no grilling, no burgers…But you can still celebrate indoors. This is where sangria comes in. Sangria is a Spanish punch drink that calls … Continue reading

Summer Ice Cream

Summer days are coming up, and what better way to enjoy that than to indulge on ice cream. Yes, that is true. Hot days are best enjoyed with a cone of cold, creamy goodness that can only come from ice … Continue reading

EU Points Fingers as Killer E. Coli Sweeps Across Europe

A state of pandemonium and denial is sweeping across Europe as health officials attempt to isolate a killer strain of drug resistant E. Coli that broke out in North Germany in May. Now Germany is blaming Spain, and Spain is … Continue reading

Observing Memorial Day

. Memorial Day; the day to honor those who have protected us, is observed every last Monday of May (for this year, it is May 30). This often marks the start of summer vacation (with Labor Day marking its end). … Continue reading

Interview with Chef Ayinde Howell

Long time vegan Chef Ayinde Howell recently reached his KickStarter goal to open up a pop up vegan restaurant in NYC. It’s no surprise that Ayinde reached his goal. He is not only a long time vegan; but also an entrepreneur, … Continue reading

The Points in Brownies

Soft or chewy, sweet or bitter, dark or light, take your pick. Despite what new age foodies and urbanites are saying, good, old-fashioned brownies would still be the best sweets around. Brownies are a kind of baked confection that is, … Continue reading

Memorial Day Eats

Memorial Day is just around the corner and having the family over can be a bit overwhelming for some. Not to worry, since there are simple solutions for that. The first thing to consider is simplicity. Cooking for a large … Continue reading

Interview with Ines Oro from Faustino Winery

This was our first video interview. Thought you would enjoy it. These wines are stupendous. If you have not had them, go grab yourself a bottle tonight.  

Making Your Own Wines

“God made only water, but man made wine.” – Victor Hugo, “Les Contemplations (1856) And now you can make your own. Sure you can head to the wine shop and grab that $10 bottle of mass produced juice, but why … Continue reading

Memorial Day Grilling Tips

When it comes to Memorial Day, what better way to celebrate it than grilling some meat outside, right? And since we are talking about grilling, then we should talk about how to make the perfect grilled meats. Grilling meat is … Continue reading

A Little Glimpse of “Florent: Queen of the Meat Market”

Garish, vibrant, and sometimes poignant, this film details the rise (not to mention the fall) of a historic restaurant and the man who worked behind it. Florent: Queen of the Meat Market is no more a reminiscence than a history … Continue reading


First there was the Manwich, now you can have a “Candwich“. You read right. Yet another abomination has hit the shelves. Who needs to hit up the deli when you can just grab your can opener and eat? The Markone … Continue reading

Ben Sargent: Hook, Line & Dinner

For those hooked on cooking shows, there is a new prime time series: Hook, Line & Dinner. It will start on Tuesday, June 7th at 10:30pmET/7:30pmPT. Ben Sargent will travel throughout the country (Florida and Louisiana to California and Oregon), and … Continue reading


It is so satisfying to walk out of a restaurant and feel good about having spent your money there. This is how I felt when I walked out of Aldea. I was full, happy and already thinking about my next … Continue reading

Memorial Day Sausages

With Memorial Day coming up, cooking outs are definitely the prime activity. Grilling meat is certainly tops, especially sausages, but do you not agree that the best sausages are the ones made at home? Sure, there are people who prefer … Continue reading

Amy Sedaris Rocks with Her Cookbook

If you are looking for a quirky, yet serious, reference for the perfect party, the perfect food, or just simply becoming the perfect guest or host, then I Like You: Hospitality Under the Influence by Amy Sedaris will be just … Continue reading

Royal Family is Preparing Royal Wines

Good news: English wines are getting a royal boost. The English Royal family plans to plant 16,700 vines around a section of Windsor Great Park. The grapes to be planted there are of the champagne varieties (chardonnay, pinot noir and … Continue reading

Shake Shack Opens in Dupont Circle

There is a new dining place in town. And it sure looks like it will be a hit. The recipient of the “Best Burger” award of 2005, Shake Shack has continuously evolved to provide the best meals and service for … Continue reading

Coffee Prices Continue To Skyrocket

The price for one of the last legal drugs in America is about to skyrocket. Starbucks, J.M. Smucker, and Green Mountain Coffee are all jacking up coffee bean prices. A 12-ounce bag of Starbucks will climb to almost $15.00 — … Continue reading

The Making of Tea Eggs

It may be early for Chinese New Year, but here is an egg recipe that would surely be a hit anytime of the year. For those looking for a savory treat at breakfast, then making a couple of tea eggs … Continue reading

Activists Insist Ronald McDonald Retire – CEO Says No Way

In early May, the watchdog group Corporate Accountability International (CAI), placed ads in U.S. newspapers admonishing Ronald McDonald to stop marketing to children and retire as McDonald’s mascot. At about the same time last year, CAI, whose membership consists of … Continue reading

Tickets and 41 Degrees: The New Places to Dine In

Albert Adria, the brother of celebrated chef Ferran Adria, is proudly showing off his new playground now. It is two playgrounds, actually. That is what Tickets and 41 Degrees is all about. These two restaurants are the hottest places to … Continue reading

Celebrating Chardonnay Day

There are days to celebrate wines. Luckily, there is May 26 to do that. This will be the day to celebrate the 2nd Annual Chardonnay Day. It is a special occasion in honor of one of the most famous grapes … Continue reading

Crazy Over Macarons

Chewy, moist, and sweet, blending perfectly with tea or coffee, macarons are the stuff that young ladies enjoy. It is a guilty pleasure that they keep on coming back to. It is also a delicious treat for those who want … Continue reading

Chardonnay at its Best

Today, a big wine event is being celebrated by wine lovers and enthusiasts globally, through social media: Chardonnay Day (May 26). Chardonnay, a green-skinned wine grape variety is a favorite among white and sparkling wine producers all over the world. … Continue reading

Deadly Drug Resistant E. Coli Spreads Like Wildfire in Germany

In Germany, three people have died and 400 are seriously ill from a deadly strain of E. coli known as enterohemorrhagic E. coli (EHEC). The source of the outbreak is not known, and laboratory tests have shown this current bacterial … Continue reading

A Day for Blueberry Cheesecakes

Frankly, who does not love a slice (or the whole) of blueberry cheesecakes? Imagine sweet, succulent blueberries melting on top of a creamy and moist cheesecake. Think of it as you take a sweet bite at a slice of one. … Continue reading

Pinkish Pork Will Not Hurt

It seems like the days of well-done pork is finally over. And it is about time it happens. The recent decision of the US Department of Agriculture’s Food Safety and Inspection Service to reduce the required temperature in cooking slices … Continue reading

U.S. Imports Fish From China Raised on Human and Animal Waste

Fish Imported to the US From China Raised on Human and Animal Waste Continue reading

The 57 in Heinz 57

What is the secret behind the 57 in Heinz 57? Actually, there is none. It was just an idea cooked up by founder Henry J. Heinz when he saw an ad for shoes claiming “21 styles” while he was going … Continue reading

Why You Always Pick the Wrong Line at the Supermarket

It always feels like whenever you are at the supermarket (or waiting on line at the DMV, or in traffic…or any line at all) that as soon as you switch to the line that is moving faster, it suddenly stops … Continue reading