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Monthly Archives: April 2011

Kare-Kare: A Filipino Ox Tail Stew

Kare-kare is widely known as Filipino Ox Tail Stew. Try it with rice and it will rub out your hunger. Perfect for those mornings when you are feeling a bit hung over or when it is too darn cold to … Continue reading

Fonda Nolita NYC

Antonio and I kept hearing the hype about Fonda Nolita everywhere, so we finally broke down and decided to go this weekend. It was a frigid and windy day. By the time we got there my appetite was roaring. The … Continue reading

Canape for the Royal Wedding?

As the much-awaited royal wedding of Prince William of England and his fiancée Kate Middleton draws even nearer, word on the web is spreading like wildfire about the food that they are going to serve. It seems like there will … Continue reading

Marseille Restaurant Hells Kitchen

I’ve been quite nostalgic for France lately.  After spending a month there last year, I find myself looking at the thousands of pictures I took during this trip quite often. I was in Nice, Cannes, Marseille, Avignon, Lyon and Paris. … Continue reading

Alcoholic Blast Targets Youth Market

First there was Four Loko, and then now we have Blast. The list of drinks getting a bad reputation when on alcoholic content seems to be endless. Add eye-catching colors, candy-like flavors, and hip commercials, and you definitely have a … Continue reading

How Companies Can Engage Food Bloggers

Blogging has become one of the most popular ways for people to express themselves online. The topics can be about different things, from pet care, cars, or even about food. The topics that can be covered by bloggers are endless, … Continue reading

Pascal Jolivet Sancerre 2009

I was craving something fresh and lively and decided to blind order a Sancerre. My local wine shop delivered the Pascal Jolivet Sancerre 2009. Sancerre is one of the Appellation d’Origine Controlee (AOC) located in the Loire Valley. This area is … Continue reading

Ron de Jeremy: Rum

I just watched the most entertainingly disturbing video (video at the end of the post). It was a video advertising Ron Jeremy’s new Rum: Ron De Jeremy. I don’t care how good this rum is…I think I’ll skip drinking Jeremy’s … Continue reading

E La Carte: The Next Wave in Dining

It seems like our waiters are getting a boost in their jobs (or end up losing them). That is how E La Carte system is working. E La Carte is a revolutionary ordering device that can enhance the dining experience … Continue reading

How to Help Kids Lose Weight

Obesity is one of the biggest problems faced by young children today. More than thirty-one percent of children, aged 2-19 years old, in the United States have been found to be overweight. This is quite an alarming number, since researchers … Continue reading

Class-Action Lawsuit Filed Over Kraft, Hormel Fat-Free Claims

South Carolina based Attorney Aaron Mayer has filed a class-action lawsuit against Oscar Mayer (owned by Kraft Foods) and Hormel Corporation, alleging that both companies have misled consumers by advertising deli meat as 98% fat free. The case was filed … Continue reading

Westville Restaurant Chelsea NY

Once a month, or at least mostly once a month, I get together with my besties from high school (Carla and Jerry). Jerry works in Chelsea and always knows the best places to visit. For our April monthly dinner, Jerry … Continue reading

Beating the Sweet Temptation

It is just a normal day in the office. You sit around your desk all day long, working on that never-ending pile of papers. A break is in order. You begin to eye that clear glass bowl, your mouth watering … Continue reading

Interview with John Lynch – Kickstarter

A little on me. I am a classically trained chef that fell in love with the idea of slow food. The idea of using the most flavorful, most difficult cuts of meats to turn them into a surreal meal is … Continue reading

How to Eat in a Dim Sum Restaurant

Dim sums are just some of the best food that the Chinese can ever come up with. Just imagine choice pieces of meat, seafood, or vegetables, cooked with various condiments, and then wrapped in rice or wheat sheets to be … Continue reading

Todd English’s Ca Va

I have been a fan of Todd English since the day I tried his food at English is Italian. When I heard the restaurant closed, I was slightly heartbroken. I had been meaning to go to CAVA for a long … Continue reading

The Difference in Oysters

Oysters are some of the most delicious seafood that you can ever taste. The sweet-salty flavor of its moist flesh literally melts in your mouth. You can eat it raw or prepared in various ways, be it broiled, boiled, fried, … Continue reading

Gluttony and Sexism at Nathan’s Famous Hot Dog-Eating Contest

“They vomit so that they may eat and eat so that they may vomit.” – Seneca, Roman statesman and philosopher In the Moral Epistles, a collection of letters on philosophical and moral issues related to Roman life, Seneca, (circa 4 … Continue reading

Get a Start with Kickstarter

In this world of difficult financing and complicated business deals, it is sometimes refreshing to get a breath of fresh air, a fresh way to do business. This is precisely what Kickstarter is all about. Kickstarter is an online funding … Continue reading

Restaurant Staff and Food Allergies

Food allergies are one of the biggest threats for people when dining out. This type of allergy accounts for 35% to 50% of all allergies observed in people. Between 2003 to 2006, about 317,000 people were admitted to hospitals and … Continue reading

National Pretzels Day

There are plenty of things in life to celebrate, and among these is food. This April 26, we should celebrate a special day in honor of beer’s best partner, soup’s trusty companion, and children’s favorite bread to dip in chocolate … Continue reading

Forty Species of Fish in Mediterranean May Soon Vanish

According to a study funded by the International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN), a global conservation network and leading authority on the environment and sustainable development, more than 40 species of marine fish currently found in the Mediterranean could … Continue reading

Interview with Chef Andre R. Malarky

Andre R. Malarky is the Head Chef and General Manager at Dos Mestizos in Boracay (a gorgeous island in the Philippines). Dos Mestizos serves traditional Spanish fare. Picture lentejas con chorizo (lentils with chorizo), callos (tripe_, gambas al ajillo (garlic shrimp), … Continue reading

The Basics of Rotary Evaporation

For many kitchens, the most important task in cooking is in enhancement or preservation of flavor. Many chefs understand that flavor is everything in their dishes, and if they can find a way to improve the taste of what they … Continue reading

BMI and Body Fat: What’s the Difference?

In the world of dieting and health, there are two terms that are constantly being used: BMI and body fat. What is the meaning of these terms and how can they influence your lifestyle? BMI or Body Mass Index is … Continue reading

Another Drug Resistant Superbug Invades Meat and Poultry

According to a nationwide study by the Translational Genomics Research Institute (TGen), drug-resistant strains of Staphylococcus aureus (S. aureus), a bacteria linked to a wide range of human diseases, are present at high rates in meat and poultry from U.S. … Continue reading

10 Most Expensive Restaurants in Houston

A list of the most expensive restaurants in Houston TX Continue reading

Dieting on the Cheap

When it comes to dieting, you do not really have to tighten your belt, literally. Unlike the usual weight-loss plans you see on TV, trimming down those extra pounds do not have to be that restrictive. You also do not … Continue reading

Food Pics: Custard

Aside the fact that I love eggs and everything that involves egg in it – Leche Flan is one of my old time favorite desserts. I remember this canteen, way back in high school, that served a very delicious (not overly sweet) just … Continue reading

Shakespeare and Food

It would not be surprising if groans can be heard from casual readers of this article, since this is all about William Shakespeare. He is the source of classic plays like Romeo and Juliet, Othello, The Tempest; the list is … Continue reading

Study: Strawberries Can Fight Cancer

It seems that we have another reason to eat strawberries this summer. A study conducted by the Ohio State University revealed that taking at least 6o grams of freeze-dried strawberries for six months caused a slowdown in the development of … Continue reading

Bakers Brothers Deli in Boracay

The Dos Mestizos who are responsible for the Spanish restaurant next door are also responsible for an amazing little deli on Boracay island.  This deli can stand up to most delis in NYC. It has quality meats, homemade roast beef (if … Continue reading

Signs and Symptoms of Malnutrition

Being healthy is everything for a person. If one is able to eat the right kind and amount of food, then he can be sure to stay fit and healthy. Unfortunately, things do not really go the way it is. … Continue reading

Can Organic Farming Reign Supreme?

This is question being debated now. While it is a fact that prices of organic food are much higher compared to conventionally-grown agricultural products, there is considerable evidence showing that organically-raised crops can go much further and be more productive … Continue reading

Loving the Earth and Loving the Food

It is not hard to be a foodie. After all, being able to appreciate good food is just one of the simple joys in life that should be savored to the fullest. Of course, when it comes to food, we … Continue reading

Review Rubirosa Pizza in Nolita

Antonio and I went for Tacos at Fonda Nolita on Saturday. While they were not bad, they did not stand up to the hype. I’ve had better tacos at trucks on the street. I left a little saddened and still … Continue reading

Can We Be Addicted to Food?

The day may soon come that eating too much may become no different to being addicted to alcohol and smoking. Researchers from Yale University conducted a study in which several subjects were given a questionnaire that gauges the level of … Continue reading

Wisdom from The Oatmeal: How to Make a Restaurant Popular

The Oatmeal is completely done by Matthew Inman. He is quickly becoming one of my heroes. Just like the wise fool in Shakespeare, Matthew imparts truth via comedy. Today’s post should be heeded by all potential restaurateurs. Matthew discusses How … Continue reading

Reasons for foodies to watch their weight

Being a foodie sometimes gives people that idea that one needs to be among the chubby. That is not necessarily the case. After all, what you eat may not necessarily be what will define your body. Being able to stay … Continue reading

The Passing of a Great Man

Sometimes, the death of a person can be a great loss for an industry. Such is the sad news that can be gleaned from passing of Pietro Ferrero, known for being the joint chief executive of the Ferrero group, owners … Continue reading