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Monthly Archives: January 2011

Recipe of the Day: Concord Grape Jam

Grapes have romantic connotations because wines originate from this juicy, round fruit.  Nonetheless, grapes have long been present in the whims of mythology, especially with its symbolic associations with love, fertility and virility.  Ancient civilizations revered the meaning of a … Continue reading

Fourteen Top States to Get Sick

Seriously, just when we think the worst is over, here we are talking about the salmonella scare. Frankly, salmonella is a pretty easy disease to treat, that’s why it comes as a surprise that there are people who would actually … Continue reading

Should Lipton Test Their Tea on Animals?

I’m sure many of us have enjoyed a nice cup of tea in the afternoon, or during those cold, chilly nights. Come to think of it, tea is one of the healthiest beverages known to man. It’s been around for … Continue reading

On Food and Television

Monday’s up to day. We’d better stretch and welcome the new day of the week. Well, that is, if we’re in the mood for it. But that shouldn’t be the case. Why don’t we look for something exciting to do? … Continue reading

Tempo Ceramic Cup: A Modern Way to Serve Tea

Tea is without doubt a very delicious drink. Whether cold or hot, you would certainly want to relish a few nice cups in a day. Of course, it’s pretty much troublesome to brew a good cup of tea. In these … Continue reading

What are aphrodisiacs?

In the next few weeks, expect an increase in the demand for these so-called “aphrodisiacs”.  Don’t be surprised if oysters are priced higher than usual, and even the lowly ginger might experience a price increase even by a few cents.  … Continue reading

Purple Yam

Our friends Sean (of Sean Reads the News) and Julie invited us out to Filipino brunch. Julie’s family is from Iloilo and eating Filipino with them is usually a safe bet. We met up this morning in the Ditmas Park … Continue reading

Vending Machines Go Futuristic

Is the paperless future heading towards a cashless, “smart” one? At the moment, smartphones have the capability to scan barcodes and send item information in seconds.  Everything is digital and mobile these days — cash credits on cellphones and applications … Continue reading

Five Healthy iPhone Apps

Information these days cannot find a better place but in an iPhone application.  Foodies and health-conscious individuals can just whip out their iPhones, load up an application and find out the nitty-gritty on the food they are about to put … Continue reading

Why We Love Matsuhisa Nobu

Fusion cuisine seems to be all the rage these days, and while we’re at it, let’s take a look at one of the most celebrated chefs that specialize on this – Matsuhisa Nobu. He’s one of the few chefs in … Continue reading

Interview with Adria Tennor Blotta

Adria Tennor Blotta, a theater actress and a restaurant-owner, understands what it takes to be successful on Twitter. She has been in the hospitality industry for quite a long time. She started serving root beer floats at A&W, made her … Continue reading

Why We Love Helene Darroze

When it comes to discovering love, age doesn’t really matter. And no matter what direction you take in your life, if it’s your destiny, then you’re bound to fulfill it. Just like what happened to Helene Darroze. Who would’ve thought … Continue reading

Dishwashing Table: The Future of Kitchen Cleaning

Technology is really amazing. In leaps and bounds, it has been able to come up with new and exciting ideas that make our life easier. Think about the refrigerator, the gas stove, the microwave, the oven toaster, the dishwasher, etc. … Continue reading

Recipe of the Day: Basil Arugula Pesto

Basil leaves are one of the most popular herbs with its mildly sweet, anise-like flavor.  Mostly known as a favorite component in Italian cuisine, the Asian varieties (Thai, lemon and holy) are widely used in different parts of Asia such … Continue reading

On Food and Television

It’s Friday, do you have any plans? You should look forward to great weekend. It’s certainly going to be fun, and you’re going to enjoy it. But won’t you enjoy it even more if you’ve got some cool ideas to … Continue reading

Interview with Chef Fergus Henderson

St. John Bar and Restaurant was opened in 1994 by Chef Fergus Henderson and Trevor Gulliver. As an art historian, I can tell you that having a background in architecture is a huge advantage in any art field; specially in … Continue reading

Recipe of the Day: Almond Mocha Coffee

Coffee is one of the most comforting warm drinks that is perfect to start day with.  You can also cruise through the rest of the hectic hours with its deep taste and hint of bitterness.  In addition to the kick … Continue reading

Why We Love Skye Gyngell

Being a seasonal chef isn’t a bad idea at all. And if you’re Skye Gyngell, it can actually be a source of brilliance. Skye Gyngell is an award-winning food writer, as well as head chef of the popular Petersham Nurseries … Continue reading

A Smarter Way to Have Tea

Tea is without doubt one of the best refreshments that we can enjoy. With its soothing aroma, delectable taste, and crisp flavor, it’s perfect for an afternoon break or a hanging out with the gang. Well, that is, if you’re … Continue reading

Processed Foods Linked to Depression, Cancer

Sadly, most families in the industrialized world subsist on a regular diet of processed food. Beyond the mouth watering allure of sensationalized food photography on packaging, food processing transforms real raw ingredients into what Michael Pollan calls “edible food-like substances”. … Continue reading

On Food and Television

Tired? Well, everyone is. But that doesn’t mean that you can’t relax anymore. Come to think of it, you can actually relax and have a good time for yourself. Now, one of the best ways to do that is to … Continue reading

Interview with Stanton Coville of N9NE Steakhouse

The N9NE Steakhouse is known to its regulars for the amazing lobster mashed potatoes and Kobe beef steak. The place has amazing food, great decor and fantastic service. Most importantly, The N9NE has business savvy. The restaurant stands out on Twitter … Continue reading

How Lunch Can Save the World

People sometimes take for granted that one special unit in a day called lunch. Lunch hour is normally dedicated to eating or generally taking a break.  Some take a nap, some take a walk, and some try to squeeze in … Continue reading

Amazon 4-for-3

Good news foodies. Amazon is currently doing a 4-for-3 promotion which allows you to get 4 items when you buy 3. There are a few stipulations, but it is a great time to pick up some killer kitchen items. The … Continue reading

Top Ten Sustainable Fish Recipes

We all know that fish is good for our health. Whether it’s grilled, boiled, or served raw, we are getting the best that nature can provide us. Sadly, the advent of commercial fishing practices, and a unusual fancy of many … Continue reading

Why We Love Clare Smyth

Well, well, well… If there is anything that is pleasantly surprising then this is it. Given Gordon Ramsay’s outlook on women as chefs, it’s kind of refreshing to see a female face heading the legendary chef’s kitchen. Clare Smyth is … Continue reading

Recipe of the Day: Chile Rellenos

As a famous spicy fruit, chiles are perfect ingredients to add another flavor note to your dishes.  Chiles are great as the main component as well, and the usual courses that highlight these peppers are the stuffed variety.  Chiles are … Continue reading

The iChef: The Next Step in the Kitchen Revolution

Just when we think we’ve seen it all, then along comes a a new product that will completely blow you away. It’s amazing how technology can be used to change our lives, and mind you, the changes I’m talking about … Continue reading

On Food and Television

Bored with your day? Well, I could pretty much understand that. The day can sure stretch out and exhaust us. It’s just a good thing that, despite all the problems that hound our day to no end, there’s an end … Continue reading

Class-Action Lawsuit Filed Against Taco Bell

For those still in need of reasons to abstain from the masochistic chamber of food horrors awaiting you at the nearest fast food restaurant, an Alabama law firm claims in a lawsuit that Taco Bell is using false advertising when … Continue reading

Manzo at Eataly

If the frigid weather is keeping you from going to Eataly, pull out your ski gear and get your tush there today. While you are there grab a snack at Manzo. Manzo (focusing on Piedmontese cuisine) is one of Eataly’s … Continue reading

Interview with Kristin of POP Champagne and Dessert Bar

Kristin Taylor has been managing Pop Champagne and Dessert Bar since 2008 with business partner Matt Earhart. Pop is known for serving eclectic, small production wines, delightful desserts and small plates. It is also for known for communicating with its … Continue reading

America’s Next Great Restaurant: The Next Great Show

Well, if we’re looking for a TV show that has a strong entertainment value, and yet is packed with the drama and poignancy that only a reality TV show can bring, then you should look no further. America’s Next Great … Continue reading

Philippine Highlight: Dinagyang Festival

Iloilo City, a bustling coastal metropolis about an hour away from Manila by plane, has an amazing talent for transformation. It looks just like any city during regular days, but watch it change right before your eyes. The streets take … Continue reading

Smoothies Go Green

Smoothies come in different bright colors but these shakes have taken the green tint to the next level.  Green smoothies are basically blended drinks mixed with green leafy vegetables.  It might not seem tasty at first but mixing them with … Continue reading

Jalapeno Pepper Popper: Thanks to ‘NuMex Jalmundo’

Jalapeno lovers will rejoice that their dearly adored chile pepper now comes in a larger size.  The New Mexico State University introduces the NuMex Jalmundo, the new jalapeno breed big enough to turn these peppers into a bunch of lovely … Continue reading

Grilled Asparagus with Saffron Aioli

Because of its phallic shape, asparagus has been considered an aphrodisiac for many centuries.  Traditional Indian medicine believes that asparagus can increase circulation in the genitals.  For those who look for love, Chinese traditionalists believe that asparagus carries a certain … Continue reading

Organic Local Food Movement Expands in China

Trends forecaster Gerald Celente predicts that in 2011, one of the biggest entrepreneurial opportunities will be in the organic food movement. More and more people around the world are beginning to realize that governments are only interested in furthering the … Continue reading

Le Bernadin

Our staff recently dined at Le Bernadin in our quest to eat at every three star Michelin in the US. We had reservations for the week after, but got a little anxious and decided we’d call the restaurants. Luckily, they … Continue reading

Bar Masa

Anyone who half knows me is surely aware of my love of sushi. I could probably eat sushi for breakfast lunch and dinner. Bar Masa reinforced this desire in me. I will start up this post by letting you know … Continue reading