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Monthly Archives: December 2010

The 20 Most Spine-Chilling Food Issues in 2010

For consumers, the events surrounding food production and regulation in the year 2010 has been a tempestuous ride. The FDA issued a total of 226 food recalls and safety alerts during the last year of the decade. One cereal maker … Continue reading

Simple Lentil Roast

It’s a few hours before we greet the New Year. I’ve got a dish to recommend that I’m sure would become a hit in the food circles. It’s the Simple Lentil Roast. What’s so special about this roast? To start … Continue reading

Be Fortunate this New Year: Eat the Lucky Foods!

Inevitably, any New Year’s celebration is highly symbolic.  Many cultures and even individuals believe that starting new means going through certain rites of passage, from cleaning the house inside-out, getting rid of the old, putting coins in every corner of … Continue reading

On Food and Television

The clock is ticking for the New Year. Now, have you prepared yourself for the celebrations? If not, then better do it now. It’s no fun trying catch the deadline and joining the rush in buying the ingredients you’ll need … Continue reading

Why We Love Julia Child

Her face has graced television for more than four decades. Her writings are among the authority in French cooking. Her style is very relaxing, like she’s telling you to eat at home. Fans love her (we love her). Nutritionists and … Continue reading

25 Reasons New York is the Best Food City

25. You can eat breakfast, lunch and dinner at a different restaurant for a whole year and never repeat a place 24. Dirty water dogs 23. Bodegas 22. Fairway, Trader Joe’s, Whole Foods, Zabars 21. No matter what time, where … Continue reading

Is Grass Greener?

We’ve all heard the talks about how healthy grass-fed beef is to our diet. Well, there’s probably some good reason for that. Remember my last article about green beef? Science has already proven just how good it is. The only … Continue reading

A French New Year

New Year’s Day is universally very symbolic; people have many rituals that depict getting rid of the old in order to welcome the new.  A French New Year may seem similar to the rest with the feasts on New Year’s … Continue reading

Vegetarian Rice Roast

We may be eating too much of a good thing. Meat is good, but only in moderation? After all, studies have already shown that too much meat in our diet could cause a host of health problems (including heart disease … Continue reading

Why We Love Gaston Acurio

For the sheer love his local cuisine, a man would sometimes rise up and give his best in promoting it. He’ll tell his peers why they should love the food that his homeland has prepared. That’s the usual case for … Continue reading

On Food and Television

It’s time for you to enjoy some time for yourself. Whether it’s in a pub or in some restaurant, you should make it a point to enjoy yourselves. But still, if you’re the pretty creative and adventurous type, then you … Continue reading

Champagne Cocktails for the New Year

Every celebration calls for a lovely bottle of champagne, but if you want to add sass to the fizz, turn this golden liquid into something more extraordinary.  Better yet, if champagne is out of the question, get a bottle of … Continue reading

How to Throw A Perfect New Year’s Bash

I’m sure that the holiday rush is upon you now. And I don’t really blame you for that. After all, the New Year is a once a year celebration. That’s why it’s understandable if you want to have a party … Continue reading

A Look at Guy Savoy, the Chef and the Restaurant

Image via vegasuncorked Guy Savoy is not just any other chef; in addition to his awards and prestigious recognitions, Guy Savoy is already a brand and an image.  The mere mention of “Guy Savoy” will either make an association with … Continue reading

Great New Year’s Eve Brunch Ideas

New Year’s just around the corner, and you can definitely feel the festivities in the air. Now, don’t you agree that it’s about time for you to try out something different? Well, traditional New Year’s Eve meals have a common … Continue reading

Why We Love Lidia Bastianich

If life is a contest in getting the balance of life and work together, then there’s no doubt that Lidia Bastianich would be taking a pretty distant lead from the rest. And why not? She’s one of the most iconic … Continue reading

On Food and Television

Food and television usually go together well. In the first place, nothing beats you seeing how cooking show hosts were able to prepare the dishes, present it to the audience, and then tell you how delicious they are as they … Continue reading

Top 25 Recipes of 2010

25. Scallop and Shrimp Risotto Recipe: What could be more luxurious than scallop and shrimp risotto? Maybe shaving some truffles on top when you are done. Yup, that’s what I’m thinking of doing next time I make this incredible recipe. … Continue reading

Why We Love Jean Georges

Nouvelle cuisine is pretty much the norm these days in upscale restaurants around the world; France, England and even Japan. During the rise of this trend, we were not sure on how to adapt it to American culinary culture. Sure … Continue reading

Top 100 Restaurants on Twitter for 2010

When Twitter first hit the web, people were a bit confused. Was Twitter a place for marketers? Another way to waste time? Within a few months, restaurants realized that it could be an amazing tool. From well known chains, to … Continue reading

Cottage Cheese Loaf (Vegetarian Meatloaf)

As the holidays come around, I’m sure that you have a couple of dishes planned for the last days of 2010. Of course, those dishes are no doubt to be rich, heavy and full of meat. But do we have … Continue reading

On Food and Television

The holidays are upon us now. And I’m sure that you’re thinking about having fun outside. There’s sure to be a ton of parties that you can attend these days. But for those who don’t have anything planned (or who … Continue reading

Unknown dangers of reusable shopping bags

When The Tampa Tribune featured a series on the dangers of reusable plastic bags in which they found lead in the bags in Winn-Dixie, Publix, Sweetbay, Walmart and Target, a federal investigation was immediately initiated.  With the rising advocacy for … Continue reading

How to Prevent a Hangover

New Years is almost here. I’m sure you’re more than excited to attend a party or two. Hey, I don’t blame you. It has been a long, arduous year and it’s time to have fun. Enjoy yourself. A few stiff … Continue reading

Why We Love Mark Bittman

When it comes to cooking instruction, you don’t need a chef to tell what to cook or not to cook. What you need is someone who knows what good food is. He should also be more than happy to share … Continue reading

Great Tips for a Great New Year’s Eve Party

I know your dilemma: New Year is coming near, and along with it comes that problem that we commonly call “The New Year’s Eve Party.” You’re too grown up to want to go to a club and have people step … Continue reading

Vegetarian Roast

I know that the holidays are almost over, but that doesn’t stop you from enjoying a nice, healthy roast. The New Year’s celebration is coming up, and this dish would be the perfect addition to the feast you have planned … Continue reading

On Food and Television

Holidays are almost done as of today, and I’m sure you’re trying to figure out what to prepare for that New Year’s party. Well, if you have something in mind, then good for you….stop gloating. But for those who haven’t … Continue reading

Chicken Shish Kebab: A Healthy Alternative

I think we can all agree that shish kebabs make for delicious meals. With the Holiday coming right up, I’m sure this will come in handy as an extra dish to spice up your parties. It’s great for socializing, and … Continue reading

Dieci Restaurant Review

I don’t know what took me so long to review Dieci, I have been there on numerous occasions and loved it every single time. The first time was after my last visit to PerSe. After dining at Per Se I … Continue reading

Top 10 Cognacs of 2010

A list of the best cognacs of 2010 Continue reading

Four Fruits You Should Be Eating in 2011

As 2011 approaches, many of us will be making resolutions: not smoking, getting a better job, losing weight. Sure, these are all noble aspirations, but why not make one of those resolutions an easy one. In order to get just … Continue reading

Beef Shish Kebab Delights

Frankly, I believe that the shish kebab should also have a wider audience. This is because there are plenty of occasions where it is actually perfect for it. You can’t imagine just how good shish kebab is until you finally … Continue reading

Hot Chocolate for Christmas Morning

What can be a better way to enjoy watching the little ones tear open presents and destroy the living room than with an extra special cup of hot chocolate. On special occasions why not spice things up a bit? These … Continue reading

Why We Love Heston Blumenthal

Okay, if we’re talking about a true self-made man story, then Heston Blumenthal wins it all, hands down. There’s no doubt about it. He’s one of the most innovative chefs the world has ever known. And he’s proven that the … Continue reading

On Food and Television

At last! The day man has been waiting for. It’s the last day of the work day, and the night before weekends. Now, I’m sure you’ve got some plans going on, but if you’re thinking of making some dinner or … Continue reading

Recipe of the Day: Plum Pudding

The English origins of the plum pudding are actually related to the origins of mince pies.  Plum pudding emerged from the process of preserving slaughtered meat by keeping them in a pastry box with dried fruits.  Eventually, this would lead … Continue reading

Top 10 Food Trends Predictions for 2011

Instead of looking back and reminiscing at the speedy ageing of 2010, I’ve decided to jump forward and look at the hottest food trends that will come in 2011. 10. More Yogurt The past years have shown a demand for … Continue reading

Food blog Digest – As Christmas is Near

Food blogs are heating up their posts as the Big Day is just two days away!  Fill up with ideas and inspirations as the Christmas countdown is nearly coming to an end. Food in Jars – Love in Jars Here’s … Continue reading

On Food and Television

Suffering from a cold night? Well, why don’t you just go on and stay at home and watch something on TV. It’s a good time, and there are good shows to while away your time. You might find foodie shows … Continue reading