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Monthly Archives: November 2010

What and how to eat to stay thin this winter

You would rather stay in and curl up during these cold winter months, but the best part about winter the hibernation mode makes everything seems more delicious.  Why not?  It is already cold come Thanksgiving, what’s four weeks more for … Continue reading

How Kosher Works

For the non-Jewish and those who do not know, the term “kosher” probably sounds like a food ingredient or a way of cooking: there’s kosher salt and the question, “Is that kosher?”  In a way, kosher is true that way, … Continue reading

Recipe of the Day – Sufganiyot

A sufganiyah is a jelly-filled doughnut widely cooked in Israel and Jewish families.    The name is from the Hebrew word sfog which means sponge; this pertains to the sponge-like texture of the small ball of pastry that is deep-fried, filled … Continue reading

What’s Cookin’ on Twitter- Winter Food

It’s been a cold, chilly day.  So what’s on the menu on Twitter? ResideLiving is all bright and sunny today, shouting out in Twitterworld: Good morning, friends! Sending sunny thoughts and hot coffee wishes to you on this bleak morning! … Continue reading

Food Blog Digest – Doughnut Love

Whether you love the hole or the whole thing, doughnuts will always be one of the most in-demand sweets that people have come to love.  Today, let us visit some blogs posts which are dedicated to this magic ring of … Continue reading

Is it the end for the bluefin tuna?

Apparently, the fate of wildlife is in the hands of negotiations. The Atlantic bluefin tuna, or the Iccat, has been subject to a recent hot debate as to whether nations should be allowed to increase or stabilize the allowable limits … Continue reading

The Benefits of Black Garlic

Black garlic? The first time I heard it, the first thing that entered my mind was that: isn’t that rotten garlic? Good thing I was wrong, because I just got myself introduced into the wonderful world of what you might … Continue reading

The Heat on Hot Chocolate

The cocoa bean is the heart of chocolate.  The history of chocolate, in that case, roots from the cocoa bean which grew from cocoa trees in Central and South America.  The early chocolate drink was actually made by the Mayans … Continue reading

Chimichurri: The Taste of Home-Style Goodness

For those of you who haven’t heard of this yet, chimichurri is a sauce that helps you get to grilled meat heaven. Yes, you heard it right. That’s because it also functions as the secret marinade for an absolutely out-of-this … Continue reading

On Food and Television

Ah, Monday after Thanksgiving… it sure brings back the memories of turkey, mashed potatoes and gravy and apple pie. It’s just too bad that the weekend ended so soon. But it’s all right, since there is a good reason to … Continue reading

Can Cassava Cure World Hunger?

Most people know cassava as a root crop, the edible starchy tuber of a woody shrub indigenous to South American.  Today, cassava is widespread in tropical and sub-tropical regions, but it can also survive in arid regions.  Today, cassava is … Continue reading

Recipe of the Day – Latkes

Potato pancakes have strong European origins; but latkes (which are similar in make and ingredients) are a food tradition for the Ashkenzi Jews.  Latkes are one of the most popular foods of Hanukkah.  The significance of Latkes is based on … Continue reading

Domino’s Pizza sales paid for by you, the taxpayer

New York Times reporter Michael Moss has exposed the USDA’s secret alliance with the fast food industry. According to Moss, Dairy Management — the people that brought you Domino’s Pizza with six cheeses, Pizza Hut’s Cheesy Bites pizza, Burger King’s … Continue reading

What’s Cookin’ on Twitter – Chef Celebritweets

The culinary world is definitely on Twitterville, and even chefs need to stay away from the steam of the stove.  Jamie Oliver finds the time to tweet between tight schedules, with at a gazillion shows and tours and guestings and … Continue reading

Food Blog Digest – TV Chef-stalking

Behind their celebrity and distinct personality, many TV chefs continue to reach out to their audience by keeping blogs.  Today, let’s have a peek on the latest blog entries of our beloved tube chefs, and find out what they have … Continue reading

More Thanksgiving Left-over Recipes

As an old saying goes: “there are more ways to kill a cat.” It’s the same way with cooking left-over turkey. It’s Monday (four days after Turkey Day) and I’m sure that a lot of you are wondering about what … Continue reading

Are you Vitamin D deficient?

This is great infographic by the team over at informationisbeautiful.net.   As a person with dark skin living in NYC, the winter months can definitely be a downer.    Luckily recently we’ve moved to brighter offices with a lot of … Continue reading

Incentive for Kids to Eat Better

How much should the government invest in students’ nutrition?  Apparently, President Obama has called for a $10 billion budget for the next ten years that would cover incentive programs for better school food, but the Senate had other ideas.  A … Continue reading

Unknown dangers of reusable plastic bags

When The Tampa Tribune featured a series on the dangers of reusable plastic bags in which they found lead in the bags in Winn-Dixie, Publix, Sweetbay, Walmart and Target, a federal investigation was immediately initiated.  With the rising advocacy for … Continue reading

Delicious Recipes for After-Thanksgiving Turkey

I’m sure most of us had a very enjoyable Thanksgiving celebration yesterday. After all, it’s not every day that friends and family can come together and celebrate such an important event. Of course, like all major celebrations, we also have … Continue reading

Should peanuts and other common allergy foods be banned?

According to the National Institute for Allergy and Infectious Disease, about 6-8% children and 4% adults have food allergies.  However, some studies have shown that these claimed food allergies result from self-diagnosis, over-diagnosis, and even misdiagnosis.  As people respond differently … Continue reading

Diet for People with Seizures

Seizures are quite uncomfortable and dangerous for people with epilepsy. My uncle suffers from it and once or twice a week he would have uncontrollable fits that put him in great danger.. When someone has seizures, his or her brain … Continue reading

Recipe of the Day – Leftover Turkey Potpie

Turkey Pot Pie solves quite a number of problems as you put together a good post-Thanksgiving leftover meal. It keeps the turkey in a moist environment and you can even throw in some leftover vegetables and other goodies into the … Continue reading

Food Blog Digest – A Thanksgiving Hangover

As Thanksgiving has come to pass, we can reflect on the things that could have been and the things that can be.  Let’s check out some posts for interesting Thankgiving suggestions and some recipes to cherish the recent holiday. The … Continue reading

On Food and Television

Thank God It’s Friday! I’m sure a lot of us are screaming that today. And why not? After a whole week of hard work, it’s about time for us to have some opportunity to relax and unwind. And what better … Continue reading

What’s Cookin’ on Twitter – Post Thanksgiving

The big holiday is already over with, but we cannot help but have some Thanksgiving hangovers.  With all the food from the day before, what else can we think of but leftovers! Unfortunately, for CarlosPenaFans, there is nothing left to … Continue reading

More Food Movies to Munch on Over the Holidays

Movie marathons do have its place for households who want to get inspired by something —- other than football.  In this season of gratitude and lots of food, pop some popcorn and have a family moment as these movies play … Continue reading

Food Blog Digest – Thank you, Thanksgiving.

The day is here, every home is probably slaving away to make sure that turkey is set, the stuffing is ready to go, and there is something for every guest whether they are meat-eaters, vegans, drinkers or an a diet.  … Continue reading

Netherland’s New Michelin Stars

Way to go, Netherland! And that would be the shout of every food connoisseur in that country. And why shouldn’t they? Perhaps you haven’t heard of it, but Michelin had just awarded several restaurants there the honor of being part … Continue reading

The Sweet Side of Rachael Ray

All right, we all know that Rachael Ray isn’t your favorite cook (or the most talented person in the kitchen). But if you’re talking about publicity, she’s the right woman for the job. She has charm that has made her … Continue reading

Cochon 555: Taste True Love

One might wonder what the word cochon means. It is the French for pork or pigs and the perfect name for this Pork Central event. Cochon 555 is a national competition featuring five chefs, five pigs and five wines. Five chefs … Continue reading

Recipe of the Day: Sweet Potatoes

Sweet potatoes are a Thanksgiving staple.  In addition to being a good potato alternative, sweet potatoes are also nutritious.  Do not be deceived by the “sweet”; you can definitely bring out the savory in any sweet potato dish.  Here’s a … Continue reading

America’s Restaurant Scene: Up and Running for Business

I am thrilled to hear that restaurants are surviving the financial meltdown. It does not take a genius to see how much the industry suffered. The global financial crisis had affected them adversely, with many restaurants being forced to close. … Continue reading

You Scream, I Scream, We All Scream for Ice Cream

You Scream, I Scream, We All Scream for Ice Cream Who doesn’t love the taste of ice cream? I doubt if there is anyone there who’d say that. Really, this is a phenomenon that never fails to amaze me. Kids … Continue reading

What’s Cookin’ on Twitter – A Lovely Thanksgiving

It is inevitable that Twitter will be inundated with “Happy Thanksgiving” Tweets!  Well, we have scoured through Tweeps who are more creative or have more interesting messages to share… we can start with ScLoHo who has thought of a fool-proof … Continue reading

On Food and Television

Sorry honey, it’s Thursday. Too bad Friday night is a bit too far to go, but it’s all right. Thursday’s shows have a lot to talk about. From incredible locales to interesting cuisines, these are guaranteed to grab your attention. … Continue reading

Recipe of the Day: Thanksgiving Goose

There are other fowls to choose from should you decide to stay away from the regular turkey option.  A goose is a good alternative as it is tasty with its dark meat and a substantial amount of fat under its … Continue reading

Food Blog Digest – Prepping for T-Day!

With the big day just a day away, we have gathered recent blog posts that pave the way to Thanksgiving.  Read up on a good mixture of thoughts on holiday baking, a pre-Thanksgiving pantry, and recipes for cranberry bread, a … Continue reading

On Food and Television

Being able to appreciate good food is one thing, being able to appreciate watching how good food is prepared is another. But that all makes it the more interesting and lively for all those involved. After all, man has an … Continue reading

On Alzheimer’s and Antioxidants

Alzheimers is a disease that has affected my family. My grandmother has gone from a vibrant, strong willed woman to a weak, confused (still amazing) human being. Needless to say I try to keep up with Alzheimer’s research as much … Continue reading