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Monthly Archives: March 2010

Restaurant Calorie Shock to go Nationwide

Beginning in 2011, restaurant chains with 20 or more retail stores will be required to disclose menu calorie counts on their food items, as well as a posted reminder of the Agriculture Department’s recommended 2,000-calorie daily intake. Also required are … Continue reading

Engineered Nanomaterials in our Food Supply are Here to Stay

Last year, a Friends of the Earth report disclosed that untested nanotechnology is being used in more than 100 food products, food packaging and contact materials currently on the shelf without warning or FDA testing. Supermarkets currently stock an unknown … Continue reading

Future Food – is it a Lab or a Kitchen?

Is it a science show? No it’s not. It’s actually a cooking show. Starting March 30, the chefs of tomorrow, Homaro Cantu and Ben Roche, will take on a weekly challenge to make the impossible possible – healthy junk food, … Continue reading

Save the Bees, Save the World

It was late 2006 when beekeepers first reported losses of 30-90 percent of their hives. The honey, queens and immature bees were left, but the rest of the bees were mysteriously missing. Dead bodies littering their houses would have been … Continue reading

Sushi Samba Takes Blue Fin Tuna Off Its Menu

We love when restaurants do the right thing. We just heard that Sushi Samba has voluntarily taken blue fin tuna off its menus. Why are we so happy? Well, as huge sushi fans we do not want to see this … Continue reading

Interview with Chef and Blogger Kiki Homer

Chef Christine (Kiki) Homer serves up her dishes at Mas(farmhouse stage) where the food is made in a modern French style.  Kiki honors classical technique and draws from regional American foods to create a simple, yet elegant new American cuisine. … Continue reading

Jesus’ Last Supper – Supersized

It’s Lent, perfect time to talk about Jesus. While he was alive, he increased five loaves of bread and two fishes so that it fed more than five thousand men. More than two millennia later, It seems as though he … Continue reading

How the Stock Market Affects Food Prices

Recently, the world as we know it fell into chaos when companies folded, hundreds lost their jobs and most of the world was thrown into recession. These were all caused by a domino effect that started when stock prices plummeted. … Continue reading

Women do Belong in the Kitchen: the Rise of Women Chefs

Traditionally, It has always been the role of the women to toil in the kitchen and provide sustenance for the family, so you’d think that professionally, this should be a role that we easily dominate. Unfortunately, that is not the … Continue reading

Food Co. wishes their salmonella tainted flavor enhancer would just “go away”

Basic Food Flavors, the company that knowingly permitted the salmonella tainted flavor enhancer (HVP) found in 159 recalled products (to date), has issued a comment denying responsibility. Hydrolyzed vegetable protein (HVP) is an MSG-like flavor enhancer that is mixed in … Continue reading

Top 20 Outrageous Foods

For those living in poor regions or less developed countries, food choices may be influenced more by economics than taste preference. Additionally, some culinary preferences are based on peculiar cultural beliefs related to superior health and sexual prowess. Whatever the … Continue reading

Interview with Chef Charlie Levitz of Chair 6

  Anyone who has heard of Lake Placid will automatically think of skiing, medals and outdoor sports. Those who know Lake Placid will think of amazing food. This is specially true if they’ve eaten at Chef Charlie Levitz’s restaurant Chair 6. … Continue reading

Jamie Oliver’s Food Revolution Has Begun

Jamie Oliver, who first crossed our consciousness as the Naked Chef, has taken his commitment to simple, unpretentious, healthy food to a whole new level by embarking on what is arguably an ambitious endeavor – change America’s unhealthy eating habits. … Continue reading

New York Restaurants to be Graded for Cleanliness

On Tuesday, the New York City Board of Health voted, with 6-to-2 vote with one abstention, to publicly display its nearly 25,000 restaurants’ health inspection ratings. Starting July 2010, customers will not have to check online but be able to … Continue reading

Misleading labeling practices, snake oil salesmen, and the FDA

In 1985, Kellogg filed a “citizens’ petition” with the FDA arguing on behalf of a legal basis for their arrangement with the National Cancer Institute to endorse a health claim for All-Bran cereal — a cardboard box full of chemicals … Continue reading

2010 James Beard Award Finalists

Chef around the world rejoice (or wince), the finalists for the 2010 James Beard Awards has finally been annouced.  Established in 1990, The James Beard Foundation awards excellence in chefs, restaurants, books, journalism, broadcast media, and restaurant design and graphics, as … Continue reading

Why a Salad Costs More Than a Big Mac

So you finally resolved to eat healthy. Maybe you read our article about how fast food is the fast track to death or you just want to shed some pounds because you’re going to be a bridesmaid for your best … Continue reading

Restaurant Serving Whale Meat Closes

You may have heard about The Hump. This Santa Monica restaurant was recently caught serving whale sushi in an undercover operation set up by the people behind “The Cove“. According to the restaurant’s website, it has decided to punish itself for … Continue reading

New Ultra HIV Drug From Bananas

According to a University of Michigan Medical School study, a powerful new HIV inhibitor derived from bananas may unleash an array of novel treatments to prevent sexual transmission of HIV. Researchers developed a method to isolate BanLec, the lectin — … Continue reading

NESsT and Wines of Chile Coordinate Efforts to Aid Earthquake Victims

(Santiago)—NESsT, a nonprofit organization founded in Chile in 1999, and Wines of Chile (WoC), the Chilean wine industry Trade Association committed to promoting Chilean wines around the world, announce an initiative to raise funds to assist families living in Chile’s … Continue reading

Casting call for America’s Next Great Restaurant

Do you have an idea for America’s next great restaurant? Are you sitting on a billion dollar concept? If you think your restaurant idea has what it takes to go national and bring in millions of hungry Americans but you … Continue reading

Economy Compels High-rollers to Buy Cheaper Wines

Many financial analysts suggest the “smart” money is investing in emerging markets instead of the developed world. Their investment advice may prove to be sound, at least when considering the financial nature of many French and American winemakers. The distressed … Continue reading

Justice to Probe Monsanto Monopoly

In January, the Justice Department launched a formal antitrust investigation of Monsanto’s genetically modified soybeans. In a follow-up move, on Friday, March 12, the Justice Department held the first of five so-called “workshops” in Ankeny, Iowa, to evaluate complaints about … Continue reading

Restaurant Caught Serving Whale Sushi

Remember that documentary film we talked about last time, The Cove? Well, it turns out that the people behind that movie are not yet through fighting oppression of poor water mammals. They tipped off the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, … Continue reading

Interview with Chef Josh Ziskin of La Morra

La Morra is one of Brookline’s favorite restaurant and is known for outstanding food. This is a direct result of having a husband and wife team working together to create an impeccable dining experience. Josh and Jen have a long … Continue reading

Interview with Chef Thomas Marr of Pete’s New Haven Style APizza

Pete’s New Haven Style Apizza recently made our list of the Top 100 restaurants Using Twitter. Since we already knew how they were using social media to build relationships with their client, we figured we should ask their Chef: Thomas … Continue reading

Support U.S. Fisherman – Purchase Wild American Shrimp

Most of the shrimp consumed in the U.S. is imported from other countries. According to some estimates, only 10 percent of the shrimp consumed in the U.S. is caught or raised domestically. Thailand alone accounts for more than 30 percent … Continue reading

Catch Them While You Still Can – Pop Up Restaurants

When recession struck last year, pay cuts, discount coupons and retrenchments became the trend. But good things can still be born out of devastation, like mushrooms can be produced out of fungus. So aspiring entrepreneurs and chefs who were searching … Continue reading

List of items in HVP Recall

The FDA has compiled a list of the products involved in the 2010 Basic Food Flavors, Inc. HVP (hydrolyzed vegetable protein) recall. We’ll keep you updated as more items come to light. This list was the latest available at the … Continue reading

Prepare for what may the largest food recall in North American history

**Update** :  Here is the list of the HVP Salmonella Tainted Foods >> A large batch of the flavor enhancer known as hydrolyzed vegetable protein or HVP, supplied by Basic Food Flavors, a North Las Vegas food ingredient company, was found to … Continue reading

Ridiculous NY Salt Bill

I love that NYC is working on making it’s residents healthy but this is just ridiculous. Bill A10129 proposes that: “No owner or operator of a restaurant in this state shall use salt in any form in the preparation of … Continue reading

Drive Thru to Death

What is the latest “in” thing today? No it’s not technology or cheating on spouses (*cough* Tiger Woods *cough*) or outrageous fashion, but speed. Letters that used to take days and even weeks to reach the intended recipient now take … Continue reading

Top 10 Restaurant Coupon Tips

Even foodies who love the joy of cooking at home enjoy dining out now and then. But with the real unemployment rate approaching 18 percent, most of us are more cost-conscious these days and weary of splurging on the luxury … Continue reading

Food Companies Riddled with Corruption, Bribery, Conspiracy

In the last several years, Americans have witnessed a series of the largest financial scandals it its history — from Bernie Madoff and Wall Street bailouts to the government take over of GM, Chrysler and AIG. We’ve all become accustomed … Continue reading

Mall Makan: Food in Singapore Shopping Centers

Singapore is famous for its shopping centers and sales. Tourists come in droves to snap up branded clothes, electronics and other stuff especially during the annual Great Singapore Sale. But after miles of walking and heavy lifting brought about by … Continue reading

Top 100 Restaurants Using Twitter

Twitter, has revolutionized the restaurant industry. Twitter is a free service that chefs and restaurateurs have found to be an extremely useful tool. It is a free micro blogging site that allows its users to send and read messages known … Continue reading

Levantando Chile Fund

In response to the tragic earthquake that rocked Chile last month, NESsT has established the Levantando Chile Fund to support local Chilean nonprofit organizations that are channeling assistance to communities on the ground. Levantando Chile will support both immediate assistance … Continue reading

The History of Iron Chef

Once upon a time in the land of the rising sun (that’s Japan, in case you were absent when this was discussed in History class), Fuji Television came up with a cooking show called the Iron Chef. It was a … Continue reading

I, Robot – In Your Kitchen?

In May 2008, a creative team of professors, designers, behavioral scientists and industrial engineers — including undergraduates and doctoral students — at Carnegie Mellon University, were awarded $500,000 in Microsoft’s Human-Robot Interaction funding to develop a social, snack-selling robot designed … Continue reading

Starving Chefs

We’ve all heard of the starving artist. Today is becoming the era of the starving chef. The celebritization of the culinary industry has led every aspiring cook out there to believe that they can lead an easy, glamorous and lucrative life … Continue reading