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Monthly Archives: February 2010

New Organic Dairy Rules Disappointing

The USDA has announced the establishment of new organic standards for pasture and livestock. Kathleen Merrigan, the agency’s deputy secretary calls the new standards a “down payment” on future reforms of organic practices. She expects more rules in the coming … Continue reading

Is a Bloom Box Powering Your kitchen?

Not yet but the Bloom Box will probably be powering all your kitchen appliances in the not too distant future. The Bloom Box was originally developed for NASA as a means of producing oxygen for astronauts landing on Mars. When … Continue reading

Meatless Meals for Lent

During the Lenten season, many Christian sects abstain from eating meat.  Observant Catholics, age 14 years and older, are not allowed to eat meat on any Friday during Lent.  Many others, as part of their Lenten penitence, give up meat … Continue reading

Who is Responsible for Dining Decline

Blame aging baby boomers for the lack of business many restaurateurs are experiencing, although younger diners are cutting back on how many meals they eat out, as well. The dinner hour is when most restaurants make the bulk of their … Continue reading

Do You Fondue?

For those of you old enough to remember the 1970s, fondue was a popular way to share an intimate meal – either with a significant other, or with a small group of friends.  Gathered around a fondue pot, diners could … Continue reading

High Tea at the National Cathedral

Taking a trip to Washington, D.C. involves the obligatory sightseeing: the White House, the U.S. Capital, the Lincoln Memorial and of course, the Smithsonian museums.  Washington, D.C. is also home to dozens of upscale and sophisticated restaurants, so choosing where … Continue reading

Grape Spotlight: Falanghina

If the only grapes you are familiar with are Pinot Grigio and Chardonnay I am glad you are reading this post. There are amazing white varietals out there and discovering them can be incredibly pleasurable. Falanghina is one of these … Continue reading

Interview with Ghazal Sheei, Marketing Director of Rishi Tea

Our team recently tasted samples of Rishi Teas. The teas were delicious, but what we found really impressive were the fair trade practices followed by the company. We interviewed Ghazal Sheei, Rishi Tea’s marketing director to get more of an … Continue reading

New Research on the Mysteries of Flavor Preferences

In a recent article, THE Multi-Sensory FLAVOR EXPERIENCE, published in “Flavor & the Menu Magazine”, Steven L. Kaun, president of Flavor Solutions, Inc., a company that combines the art and science of flavor technology with texture technologies, explains how art, … Continue reading

Four Simple Steps to Perfectly Brewed Home Coffee

Although drinking tea has many health benefits, a  bold cup of coffee is just what many of us need to jump-start our day.  There will always be dissension about what makes a great cup of coffee, so jump off to your … Continue reading

Gourmand World Cookbook Awards Announced

Since 1995, the Gourmand World Cookbook Awards have been recognizing the best books by and for cooks – for those who “cook with words,”  as their website proclaims.  The 2010 ceremony took place on February 11 in Paris, where entries … Continue reading

Canada Poised to OK Transgenic Pork for Dinner

The world’s first transgenic animals — pigs genetically modified with a snippet of mouse DNA introduced into their chromosomes — are one bureaucratic step closer to becoming pork meat on Canadian dinner tables. Health Canada is considering a pending application … Continue reading

Magical, Marvelous Marinades

Are you tired of the same, boring flavors of  marinade that you buy at the grocery store? If so, then try making your own.  It’s easier than you think and allows you control over the ingredients for a healthier mix. Marinades make … Continue reading

Grape Highlight: Torrontes

If you are a fan of unoaked white wines (Gewürztraminer and Riesling) it is time that you make yourself well acquainted with Torrontes. It is quickly becoming known as the “White Grape of Argentina” and Malbec’s counterpart. It is currently … Continue reading

Grape Highlight: Riesling

Riesling is one of the most beautiful grapes in production out there, but it has had a difficult life. Some people find it scary and off-putting with all the long and complicated German names. Others generalize that Riesling is sweet, … Continue reading

More Evidence Wine, Chocolate Kills Cancer

The health benefits of drinking red wine in moderation have long been known to reduce the risks of heart disease and certain cancers. It has been widely suggested that the antioxidant properties in red wine prevent “free radicals” — high-energy … Continue reading

Green Tea May Prevent Glaucoma

Image via Wikipedia A recent study published January 19, 2010, in the Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry, suggests green tea may help to prevent glaucoma — an eye disease that damages the optic nerve and impairs vision. The researchers’ … Continue reading

Are you Eating your way into Depression?

Put down that candy bar!  Get away from those nachos!   You could be eating yourself into a depression! That’s the consensus of a number of independent researchers that have conducted studies correlating the relationship between  junk food and depression.  … Continue reading

Grape Highlight: Symphony Grape

Image via Wikipedia If you are a fan of dessert wines I recommend that you try wines made from the Symphony grape. This is a more obscure grape which was created by Dr. Harold Olmo at UC Davis in 1948 … Continue reading

HOW TO: Deglaze a Pan

Why would you Deglaze a Pan? So you’ve just made a beautiful pan fried chicken and on the bottom of your pan you see a bunch of brown bits. Those little guys are where the true flavor exists. Also called … Continue reading

Restaurant Week 2010

Restaurant Weeks are an invention that is truly symbiotic; restaurants get exposure to new diners and clients get to eat really good food really cheap. And the best thing of restaurant week is that for the most part they last … Continue reading

What is the American Viticultural Area?

What is the American Viticultural Area? When you tour a winery you may be wondering “Why does it say Napa Valley on the bottle?”. The reason is that in 1979 the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, and Firearms(ATF) decide they needed … Continue reading

El Bulli will Reopen

The famed Ferran Adria of El Bulli announced yesterday in an interview with Time Magazine that he will reopen in 2 years.   During the two year hiatus Ferran and his team of 25 young chefs will develop new ideas … Continue reading

Anthony Bourdian in Yo Gabba Gabba

Celebrity Chef/Writer Anthony Bourdain shows off his love of kid shows in a recent episode of Nickelodeon’s Yo Gabba Gabba. On the show, Anthony plays “Doctor Tony” a loveable doctor to Toodie.  Bourdain has a child who is most likely … Continue reading

2010 James Beard Semi-Finalist announced

The “Oscars” of the restaurant industry is in full swing as the semifinalists for the chef and restaurant categories of the James Beard Foundation Awards has been announced.  Past winners have been Maria Hines of Tilth, David Change of Momofuku … Continue reading

Interview with Rawfully Tempting Blogger Barbara Shevkun

Barbara Shevkun is responsible for the blog Rawfully Tempting and that she is. If you are interested in introducing raw, vegan and vegetarian cooking into your repertoire then this blog is a must read. Barbara does not lecture, she just … Continue reading

The Ultimate Fad Diet: Deadly Parasitic Worms

In the U.S., there are literally hundreds of ephemeral fad diets that make up the $55 billion weight loss market. Apparently dieting is also big business in Hong Kong, where according the The Telegraph, obesity levels have soared because of … Continue reading

The Great Eggo Waffle Shortage

Have you noticed the waffle shortage?  The Kellogg Company, maker of Eggo frozen waffles, has not been able to supply supermarkets with one of their best-selling products since mid-November, when two of their production plants went offline.  A plant in … Continue reading

Is there a Kindle in your Kitchen?

Food processor.  Check. Microwave oven.  Check. Crock pot.  Check. Coffeemaker.  Check. Kindle …. uh, not yet. The next up-and-coming gadget for your kitchen may not do anything to directly cook your meals or brew your morning cup of Joe.  It … Continue reading

Wine Producers, Traders Guilty of Pinot Noir Fraud

Tell me in ain’t so. There seems to be no corner of the world unscathed by graft and corruption. Endless bank bailouts are one thing, but a line must be drawn at falsely labeled French vintage Pinot Noir. A dozen … Continue reading

Disgraceful School Lunch Program May Soon Emerge from Dark Ages

The National School Lunch Act was signed into law by President Truman in 1946. As a result of the act, the National School Lunch Program was created. The program was originally designed to stabilize food prices with government purchases of … Continue reading

This Lenten Season: Keep it Smaller, Keep it Simpler

What do diets and the Lenten season have in common? Well, not much, unless you’re trying to lose a few pounds. In that case, Lent may be your best friend in 2010. Those looking to give something up for their … Continue reading

Halo-Halo: a Filipino Dessert

Halo-halo is a traditional summer cooler from the Philippines that can be compared to an American ice cream sundae, but with added flavors, textures and protein. Literally translated, halo-halo means “mix mix,” and that is exactly what is done to … Continue reading

Dine Out with Your Gun in Four States

Under a bill recently approved by the House in New Mexico, New Mexican citizens licensed to carry a concealed handgun will be allowed to enter restaurants that sell beer and wine. The legislation was approved on a 53-to-14 vote. Last … Continue reading

Bring out the Blini for Masleniza

Pancakes are popular in almost every culture, so when Masleniza week starts February 23, pancakes will be on the menu in most Russian towns.  Masleniza means “pancake” and symbolizes the sun.  The seven-day festival, which celebrates the end of the … Continue reading

Seattle’s Best Coffee Coming to Burger King

Seattle’s Best, founded in 1970 and acquired by Starbucks in 2003, will be served at 7,250 Burger King’s in the U.S. starting in September. Seattle’s Best coffee will replace Burger King’s current BK Joe coffee, and prices will range from … Continue reading

Celebrate Fat Tuesday With a Special FriendsEat Recipe

Mardi Gras is French for “Fat Tuesday”, the day before Ash Wednesday and the last night of feasting before the ritual fasting of Lent — a period of 40 weekdays from Ash Wednesday to Holy Saturday. But the French Catholic … Continue reading

It’s Shrove Tuesday: Pancake Day!

Did you ever wonder why so many churches sponsor pancake breakfasts the Tuesday before Ash Wednesday?  Shrove Tuesday (or Pancake Day as it is now commonly called), is the day observant Christians traditionally used up their butter and eggs before the … Continue reading

Presidential Foods

Today is President’s Day, and it’s an opportunity to look at some of the food products that either honor or mock our Chief Executives.  Ever since six-year old George Washington allegedly chopped down his father’s cherry tree in 1738, cherry pie … Continue reading

Let them eat Cake — King Cake

Mardi Gras falls on February 16 this year.  It is the last day of the carnival season, which officially begins January 6 and always ends the day before Ash Wednesday, the first day of Lent.  Although Mardi Gras is celebrated … Continue reading