10 Most Insulting Things Said by Gordon Ramsay

If there’s one personality on television who never ever swears, well, that would be Gordon Ramsay. No really. Kidding! He might be a little intimidating when it comes to the kitchen. Oh wait, scratch that. He can be very, very intimidating that sometimes his words are just out of this world, but that does not stop him from being one of the best chefs we’ve ever seen.1x1.trans 10 Most Insulting Things Said by Gordon Ramsay

Ramsay has more than 20 restaurants under his name, and a whopping 12 Michelin Stars to top it all off. Gordon Ramsay in Hell’s Kitchen is probably one of the most anticipated acts of all time, where he shows his brutalness in judging and teaching these kids how to work in a real, professional kitchen. Yes, he’s mean, but he’s a perfectionist. His looks are as mean as his words, and his words are nothing compared to what this famed Scottish chef has achieved and done for the industry. I love how he spices up his shows, bring liveliness and reality all at the same time. He’s orgasmic, but in a non-sexual way. And yeah, he is a hot trend that we wouldn’t want to miss. So tell me, what’s your favorite Gordon Ramsey moment or insults on television?

1x1.trans 10 Most Insulting Things Said by Gordon Ramsay“JP? Jean- Philippe? Look at him standing there — what are you, signing f—ing napkins? Come on, get your Belgian bollocks over here!”

-Gordon Ramsay calling over Jean- Philippe Susilovic, a Belgian maître d’ of one of Ramsay’s restaurants in London in Season 1 of Hell’s Kitchen.

You serve, they eat – straight after, they vomit.”

-Ramsay comments on Lacey’s (season 5 contestant) chicken and blackberry dish after spitting it out on Hell’s Kitchen, Season 5

1x1.trans 10 Most Insulting Things Said by Gordon Ramsay“We had all these pizza tossers in and after working for days on end to get these guys to toss dough perfectly, he went back to using frozen dough, which really cheesed me off. I said to him, ‘in all the restaurants I’ve worked in anywhere in the world there’s no one I dislike as much as you.”

-Blasting on a cook upon knowing he used frozen dough instead of a freshly made pizza dough while being on the show. The cook ended up chasing Ramsay to the streets with a knife on hand, Kitchen Nightmares

“That must be one of the worst combinations I’ve ever tasted in 21 years of cooking. Piss off, will you.

-referring to Matt’s signature dish called Exotic Tartare (diver scallops,and caviar with white chocolate). He spitted it out on the trash bin and threw the whole dish after in Hell’s Kitchen, Season 4, episode 1

1x1.trans 10 Most Insulting Things Said by Gordon Ramsay“Why is the oven not on? Hello, dirt brain! Why is the oven not on?!”

-He was asking Giacomo (contestant) why the oven is cold. Turns out he forgot to turn on the gas. Now, Gordon’s on fire in Hell’s Kitchen, Season 1, episode 3

“Rachel clearly couldn’t handle it. She buckled, panicked, and actually screwed the kitchen completely. You’ve got no chance of running a successful business if you can’t handle one section.”

-Giving his reasons after sending off Rachel in Hell’s Kitchen, season 2, episode 4

1x1.trans 10 Most Insulting Things Said by Gordon RamsayHere, we’re scared of f—ing change. No one wants to change it because it’s so safe.”

-Ramsay giving a pep talk to Rococo Head Chef and Owner, Nick in Kitchen Nightmares

You know, there’s two ways in this industry – you move with the times or the times move you. And, unfortunately, you’ve been caught in a time bomb.

-Ramsey, after having a few meals, heads down to the kitchen and talks to La Gondola’s head chef in Kitchen Nightmares

1x1.trans 10 Most Insulting Things Said by Gordon Ramsay“Don’t whistle at me. I’m not your f—in’dog. You look more like a dog than I do.”

Furious Ramsay talks to a stunned customer after brining her dish back into the kitchen and whistling for his attention in Hell’s Kitchen

“That’s the engine room in there, if that is not firing on all cylinders, we’re screwed.”

-Ramsey waking up the owners and what the problem in La Frite is. Kitchen Nightmares La Frite, Season 4, episode 11.

Now, he may have abused the F-word a couple of times (he did 114 in a single program at one point), but he is not Gordon Ramsey for nothing. Ramsay may have become a little less insulting in MasterChef, but who could forget the things that the world has seen and heard from him. For some people, Chef Gordon Ramsay exceeds the limit of kitchen intimidation, but for those who have watched him for many, many years, somehow, they’ve come to understand why. He is really someone that is hard to please, but when you, you’d be screaming for joy.

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