10 Amazing Microwave Meals

1x1.trans 10 Amazing Microwave MealsAs a business traveler, I often find myself in hotels with merely a microwave. There’s no need to fret. You can still dine in style in your hotel room. This is a list of my favorite microwave recipes (sometimes I even make them at home).

Ten Great Microwave Recipes

1x1.trans 10 Amazing Microwave MealsMicrowave Spaghetti Squash: This recipe is incredibly easy to make and super healthy. You can cut out most carbohydrates from your meals as well, making “pasta” dishes even healthier. Purchase your spaghetti squash and carefully puncture it 5 times on both sides with a knife. Put it on a microwave safe plate and microwave it for 8 minutes on high. Turn it over (with some kitchen mitts) and repeat the process. Let it cool for about 5 minutes. When it is cool to the touch, cut the squash in half. Remove the seeds, grab a fork and comb the fork. The squash will come out in spaghetti like strands. Add your favorite sauce and enjoy.

1x1.trans 10 Amazing Microwave MealsRisotto Primavera: This recipe is a delicious Italian dish. Warm and filling, it is amazingly low in fat and high in nutrients. All you have to do is take some risotto rice, mix it with a little milk or water, then microwave it for about five minutes. Mix in the vegetables, stock and spices, and then microwave it further for five more minutes to finish. That’s how easy it is to prepare this dish. You could also make it totally vegetarian by using vegetable substitutes for the
milk or stock.

1x1.trans 10 Amazing Microwave MealsJambalaya: A taste of Southern cooking is also easy to make. Mix equal amounts of tomatoes, rice and water or stock in a microwave bowl, then mix in the chorizo, sweet corn, and seasoning. Microwave for ten minutes, then mix them all together again. Microwave them for a further fifteen minutes, then allow to set for a minute or two while inside the oven.

1x1.trans 10 Amazing Microwave MealsVegetable Pie: For those who crave for some healthy snack, then this vegetable pie will certainly do the trick. It is quick and easy to make, quite filling, and can provide you with plenty of nutrients that your body will need. Also, you could substitute some of the ingredients in the recipe to make for a truly vegetarian pie.

1x1.trans 10 Amazing Microwave MealsBeef Stroganoff: This dish is an excellent meal for those looking for a meaty and savory treat. Unlike the usual crockpot method of cooking, this beef stroganoff still delivers the same great taste, without the lengthy waiting time. Some might call it cheating, but given this fast – paced environment, even the nice things in life don’t have to be this tedious.

1x1.trans 10 Amazing Microwave MealsGarlic Prawns: Seafood dishes do sound great, and if you are looking for something quick andeasy, then it has to be prawns. This recipe is pretty quick to prepare. Just mix all the ingredients together, and then microwave them for about five minutes. Just make sure that you don’t overcook them so that you would not have to lose the juiciness of the prawns.

1x1.trans 10 Amazing Microwave MealsTex Mex Potatoes: Another dish that never fails to fill and give me a wow would be Tex Mex potatoes. Tradition dictates that you have to put them in an oven, but speed and convenience are what I need. Microwaving it speeds up the process, without sacrificing the taste. Just microwave the potatoes for fifteen minutes, slice them, add the sauce and other seasoning, and then microwave them further for another five minutes. Just let them set in the oven first so that they can cook on their own.

1x1.trans 10 Amazing Microwave MealsHalibut Steaks Teriyaki: Delicious Japanese cooking with a modern twist. Halibut slices cook well with a microwave oven, and they do surprisingly come out just as nice as the ones cooked in a conventional oven. Just make sure that you marinade the steaks for about two to three hours, and then microwave them for about six minutes. Turn them over, and then microwave them again for another three minutes.

1x1.trans 10 Amazing Microwave MealsCurried Chicken: If you are still looking for a good main dish, then curries chicken might just do the trick. It is a nice addition to your cooking, and you will be pleasantly surprise at just how quick and easy you can prepare this with the help of a microwave oven. All you have to do is mix all the ingredients together in a micro-wave safe bowl, cook it in the oven, and then serve. It so good, you wouldn’t think that it came from a microwave oven. Plus, you get to save a lot on cooking time.

1x1.trans 10 Amazing Microwave MealsLemon Pudding: If you think all a microwave can do is cook main meals, then you are sadly mistaken. With the help of such device, you can actually prepare tasty desserts. Just take lemon pudding as an example. Just mix the ingredients together, place them on a microwave – safe baking pan, and then set on High for three minutes. Take it out, turn over once, and then microwave it for a further one minute or until done. Before serving, glaze it with some lemon curd and a dollop of ice cream.


1x1.trans 10 Amazing Microwave Meals
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1x1.trans 10 Amazing Microwave Meals
1x1.trans 10 Amazing Microwave Meals

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